CableGuys - Curve v0.5 beta (Pc/Free)

CableGuys Curve 0.5b is online. Older versions could produce strange noises when running on multicore CPUs. This is fixed now.

CableGuys Curve is a free VST wavetable synthesizer. Programmed by Jakob Rang, GUI design by Kiritan Flux. Curve uses FFT routines by Laurent de Soras.


CableGuys Curve...
- .. is a free synthesizer for your VST-sequencer.
- .. allows you to draw your own wavetables.
- .. has 3 oscillators (each of them can be set to one of four user-wavetables, sine, saw, pulse, triangle or noise).
- .. has two synced and two unsynced LFOs. You can set an LFO to 0.1 Hz or you can set it to several kHz. You can even set the LFO frequency to the frequency of the note you are currently playing.
- .. has volume envelopes, filter envelopes, ... in fact its envelopes can be used to modulate plenty of parameters.
- .. has 6/12/24dB-filters with cutoff and resonance.
- .. has drawable modulation matrixes. Use an LFO to modulate the pitch and you get FM, use an AHDSR-Envelope to modulate the filter cutoff and you get a nice filter envelope, ...
- .. allows you to play up to 128 notes at one time.
- .. allows you to automate all parameters (except for the user-wavetable and modulation matrixes) in your sequencer (Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, ..).
- .. can be told to render bandlimited, aliasing-free sounds. But you can also turn on aliasing to produce vintage digital sounds.
- .. shows spectrographs of the wavetables you draw.
- .. lets you set snapshots of your wavetables for faster editing.
- .. is still in beta status.