Computer Music - Dominator (Pc/Free)

From the homepage:
It's the one and only Dominator!

The next CM synth is about to be unleashed, and it's going to be very special indeed. Programmed from the ground up to CM's own specifications, Dominator takes the venerable sound of classic analogue synths and beefs it up with modern routing, modulation and waveshaping options. Totally uncompromising, the Dominator is a synth for musicians who like to push the boundaries of what's possible with virtual instruments, and will bring a smile to the face of even the most jaded knob-tweaker.

Dominator PC VSTi and VST effect format synth



• Three oscillators per voice with a choice of six waveforms (Saw, Pulse, Sine, Triangle, Sync Saw, Sync Pulse)
• Pulse width modulation per voice and coarse (4 octave range) and fine tuning adjustments


• Dedicated LFO to control vibrato depth and pulse width modulation
• Glide time setting and mod wheel vibrato depth control
• Analog control for adding fat analogue-style detuning - simply dial in that venerable vintage sound!


• Four voice modes (monophonic, polyphonic, unison and chord mode)
• Unison with 2, 6 or 12 voices
• Chord mode with 5 user-definable intervals (plus root note) for building up complex chords to be triggered from a single key
• 6 play modes for mono/unison/chord, for controlling when glide should be applied and when envelopes should be reset
• Smart mode for handling successive presses of the same key, or Reset mode, where all envelopes and oscillators are reset for each note, for a punchier sound


• Independent levels for each oscillator
• Noise and ring modulation (between oscillators B and C) can also be mixed in
• An external input signal can be mixed in on the VST effect version (this is mixed into each voice)


• Classic ADSR envelope with velocity sensitivity
• Optional 'Warm' VCA mode gives a non-linear analogue-style response


• Beautiful chorus modelled on the classic Roland Juno chorus, with depth and rate controls


• Two fat multimode Moog-style filters per voice, with 5 filter types (lowpass 12/24dB, bandpass 12/24dB and highpass 12dB)
• Filters can be overdriven and can be made to self-oscillate, just like true analogue filters
• Keytrack, velocity and filter envelope can all be used to modulate the cutoff frequency
• Optional 'Warm' mode drives filter harder to add more oomph and body


• The classic ADSR envelope for modulating cutoff of the filters


• Optional waveshaper per voice with five different modes and drive control (goes up to 11!)
• Transistor, diode, hard clip, sine and rectifier shaping modes


• Waveshaper and the two filters can be configured in five different arrangements,
including serial and parallel configurations, for awesome flexibility


• LFO with sine, triangle, square, positive-only square, sample and hold and noise shapes
• Can modulate amplitude, oscillator pitch B, oscillator pitch C, filter A and filter B


• ADSR envelope to modulate filter B, pulse width modulation,
vibrato depth, oscillator pitch B, oscillator pitch C and noise level