David Ross - HollyQ (Pc/Free)

From the homepage:
Simple things are always necessary. Especially when creating art. The World is moving much too fast. It doesn’t have to.

As most Hollydrift listeners know, I’m not one for a lot of tech talk on this site. Actually, I’m not much of a tech hound at all. However, this is a unique situation. In my 10 years of creating audio art, I have often times wished that I did not have to bow to the mechanics of recording. Finding a little place in the audio universe for hundreds of divergent sounds is more often than not a gigantic pain no matter what software I’m using. Then once everything is wrestled into place I find that the final mix needs a touch of . . . something.

A great deal of the time, that something is the definition of simplicity; a two tone shelving equalizer. However, I could never find a suitable one. Sure, you can accomplish this type of equalization with almost any EQ but I was looking for simplicity. So, I contacted David E Ross who’s EQ10, EQ18, and DJEQ I use quite often. David fully understood my idea and started to research.

It’s called “HollyQ” and it’s a gem!

HollyQ is a simple Bass/Treble shelving equalizer in the spirit of the old 1970s component home stereos. If you’re old enough to remember sitting at home listening to records, then you most likely remember at times finding the sound from your stereo to be a bit thin or dull, like you weren’t hearing everything. You would then walk over to your stereo amp and give the bass or treble control a little nudge until the sound became full and clear. Yeah, a little home mastering in your own bedroom.

With HollyQ, you can now do the same thing with your final mixes, individual tracks, and even old records you’re transferring to CD. David has used his considerable talent to develop a very smooth +/- 12db equalization curve to breathe some life into any audio source where simple shelving EQ is required.

HollyQ is free. Get your copy today!