djDecks v0.78 (Pc)

In this release various bugs have been fixed, FLAC tags can be saved, MIDI controller support has been improved, a bit-crusher effect has been added and some playlist improvements have been made.

For the next version, some features that will probably be added are 4 decks, support for multiple midi controllers, better bpm detection, improvements to vinyl control and possibly a sampler.

Change Log

v0.78 (19/12/06)
-Improved: Autoresize works better on widescreen resolutions now
-Improved: Automixing works better now
-Improved: Quality and performance of drawing resized waveforms
-Improved: Streaming ASIO song loading speed
-Added: FLAC tags are now saved as well
-Added: Ability to select multiple files in file browser and playlist
-Added: BCD2000 and Hercules DJ Console options for jog wheel sensitivity
-Added: New BCD2000 and Hercules DJ Console seek button mode
-Added: Various keyboard shortcuts (midiclock_sendcontinue, executescript, pl_active_switch, pl_load, plbrowse_load)
-Added: An overview of current keyboard shortcuts
-Added: Option to select between djDecks and CDJ cue mode for play and cue buttons
-Added: New 'bitcrusher' effect. Right-click an effect slot to select it
-Added: Option to shuffle playlist
-Added: Commands to do playlist scrolling with a midi controller
-Fixed: Possible crash when recording to mp3
-Fixed: Possible crash when enabling a VST effect
-Fixed: Various problems with tag cache
-Fixed: Popup menus larger than the screen now show scroll bars
-Fixed: Some commands could not be used with a MIDI controller

djDecks is a computer mixing program for both beginning and professional dj's.
Mix your mp3, ogg, wma, flac, wav files or audio cd's easily on any configuration.

djDecks is all you need to get started and become a dj! Read mmore about djDecks here.