Elevayta Productivity Tools v2.0 (Pc)

productivity tools
From the homepage:
The 'Elevayta Productivity Tools' bundle is a collection of 4 unique VST plug-ins intended for enhancing and simplifying your productivity.

The 4 VST plug-ins contained in this bundle include:

* Elevayta Space Boy - Utilizing proprietary RASP technology to bring fully automatic adaptive EQ to the realm of digital audio music production. One of the most innovative audio tools available!
* Elevayta FreEq Boy - Enabling you to capture and merge, or simply hand draw, your own EQ curves, in stereo and in real-time. There is no other EQ like this!
* Elevayta Stream Boy - The real-time, audio streaming, host bridge VST plug-in. Including functionality to record to disc the composite audio stream from within any Rx instance within any host!
* Elevayta Extra Boy Pro New! - Introducing innovative High Resolution Spectral-Spatial 2D ROI selection into the next generation tool for isolation, removal, suppression or enhancement of ANY part of a stereo audio track - in real-time!

No other set of audio tools provides this much power, flexibility, quality and diversity for the price!

"Single click" installation (meaning "very easy to install") of all components, including instructions!

25% saving compared to individual components!

System Requirements

* Windows 98 or any later Windows OS.
* About 1 MB of harddisk space.
* 1+ GHz processor.
* Audio application supporting VST plug-ins.

Demo Limitations

There is no demo for this bundle. Before considering a purchase, you are strongly advised to test each of the elements (demos of which can be downloaded via this site).