KarmaFX - Synth Modular v0.96 (Pc/Free)

KarmaFX Synth Modular 0.96 BETA changes.

* Added 303-like 2/4 pole filter. Two Lowpass and one highpass variant.
* Added 1-32 step, 1-4 octave Pattern controller with hold, loop, and legato support and 8 user programmable pattern presets. Can work in Step and Arpeggiator (1-4 octave, asplayed/up/down) mode.
* Added S&H Modulator: Sample and Hold with rate control (and optional tempo sync) + transition curve (for built in slew limiting).
* Added stream and stereo/mono/mixed mode selection to Input module. Two input streams from host are supported.
* Added smooth knob to envelope follower for lowpass-filtering the envelope.
* Control-automation of dropdown parameters is now supported.
* GUI: Ctrl-left click on knobs and sliders now centers a parameter (like standard VST's).
* GUI: GUI Dialogs are now "always on top".
* GUI: Reduced clickable area of upper left logo in the control panel (Thanks Sean).
* Bugfix: Parameter "Reset" did not reset its linked controller. Fixed.
* Bugfix: Sample selection was also shown in key/velocity editor. Fixed.
* Bugfix: Tweaked beat-sync precision to be 100% sample-accurate (Thanks Kim!).
* Bugfix: Fixed uninitialized data bug in Compressor module.
* Bugfix: Zolzer filters cutoff/reso values were interpolated incorrectly. Fixed.
* Bugfix: Amplitude modulating the OUT slider didn't work in stereo in SSE code-path. Fixed.
* Bugfix: Rewrote multithreading code to get rid of all possible deadlocks.
* Bugfix: Aftertouch in MidiData module now works, supporting both Polyphonic and Channel Pressure (Thanks DJ_Bach).
* Bugfix: Uninitialized data bug when using Panorama in Amplifier. Fixed.
* Bugfix: Step shuffle function was broken. Fixed.
* Performance tweaks.
* Added a few extra patches. Reduced size of some large sampler patches.

This beta version expires April, 2007.

Advanced Simulated Analog Modular Synthesizer:
# Modular patching of synth components and controls.
# Internal high-frequency digital simulation of analogue voltage levels.
# Oscillator with phase, Detune and Pulsewidth that generates standard synth waveforms.
# Dual Oscillator with Detune, Hardsync and Ring modulation.
# Sampler, 16/24/32 bit Mono/Stereo multi sample player that imports WAV/SF2 files.
# 2/4 Pole Multimode Filters with Cutoff, Resonance (LP, HP, BP and BS filtertypes),
# SVF, Zolzer, Moog, EQ, Formant, Comb, Allpass, Parametric and Shelving Filters.
# Amplifier and Mixer with Panning, Volume and Velocity control.
# Delay, Reverb, Phaser, Chorus, Distortion and PitchShift Effects.
# Soft-knee Compressor with Peak/RMS detection and optional Sidechain.
# 10 Octave/12 Note Pitch control with Detune and Portamento.
# Controllers for frequency modulation (FM) and fast frequency sweeps.
# Bipolar/Unipolar LFO, HFO, ADSR/Multipoint Envelopes and Step Sequencer.
# Output component with Panning, DC removal, Volume and Clip control.
# Noise generator, filtered Pink, White and Brown noise with freq. sync control.
# Input generator so synth can function as an insert effect.
# Full stereo support (selected components can run in mono to save CPU cycles).
# Instant visual feedback on all controls. Frequency, Time/Amplitude, Modulation, etc.
# Up to 128 assignable automation controls.
# 5 banks of 128 pre-made patches.
# Choose between Mono, Legato, or up to 16-voice true Polyphony.