kl. - Soundberg v1.0 (Mac/Universal)

SOUNDBERG is the sampler that encurages you to return to the art of sampling.

With it’s build in recorder you can sample your own sounds and with ease, just open the rec page and choose sample lenght, trigger and record.

And with the modulation busses you can even do granular time and pitch shifting.

Get Soundberg now for only $9.95

• Build in sample recorder
• Drag & Drop sample loading
• 4 Sample zones per group
• Sample editor
• Keygroups and velocity zones
• 3 filter-types: LP, HP & BP with Q
• Filter ADSR envelope
• Volume ADSR envelope
• LFO with delay
• 2 modulation busses
• 24 or 12 bits


Buy & Download • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
• 1,5 GHz G4 or faster
• Pluggo runtime 3.6
• VST, RTAS or AU host