NUSofting - Acidome v1.0 (Pc)

From the homepage:
NUSofting Acidome VST synthesizer for Windows
"We don’t know how to make boring synthesizers"
Acidome is not just another soundalike VA (Virtual Analogue) synth in VST format.
That’s not what we do at NUSofting. Instead, Acidome brings you an optimized set
of useful features and a rich, juicy sound. The result is a synth that is pure fun to program.
It will deliver aural pleasure immediately, where so many other synths of this kind require
tedious fine tuning to produce even so-so results.

Even though Acidome is based on the classic subtractive synthesis concept, it benefits from
a flexible set of oscillators which allow an infinite source of creativity.

If you’re well-versed in virtual synthesizer ideas, you’ll immediately see why Acidome offers
unique possibilities for new sounds. If you’re not, don’t worry! Just grab the demo version
and flip through the large number of presets. Then choose one you like and try varying some
of Acidome’s parameters: you’ll be amazed at the creativity it brings to your fingertips.

The Powerful Features of Acidome

Osc 1, the "variosc" Bored by the same old sine, square, sawtooth cliches?
Baffled by the complexity of some top-of-the-line VA synths?

Acidome is all about giving the user flexibility without confusion.

With this sound generator you can draw a waveform with the mouse,
or load one of the many shapes available in the included Acidome Waveform Library.
If it looks boring, edit it directly.
Experiment as much as you want.
You can modify a waveform in realtime -- while you're playing --- and hear the sound morphing!

Beside useful Save and Load functions, this wavedraw control features an invaluable "Fix" button.
You can use it to adjust the DC offset of the waveform, once you’ve got something you like the sound of.
Why? It helps beef up the sound: DC offset is usually visible in the waveform as a positive or negative shift of the whole shape.
By correcting the DC offset, you prevent the waste of the available bit range, which can resulti in a weaker sound.

Acidome product includes the WaveTable Picker, a tool for you to convert standard WAV files
into templates for the Acidome OSC 1.

As you’d expect, the "variosc" also includes its own ADSR envelope, fine tuning,
octave selector and semitone traspose slider, plus a power switch to mute it if necessary.

Osc 2, the "multiosc" This sound generator is made from 4 "non band limited" oscillators with ramp waveform.
You can adjust the amount of detune beetwen them with the "Unispread" control
for an immediate ‘phat’ classic sound. Dance music, in particular, calls for this kind of unison voicing,
but why not try it in other contexts, too?

The "multiosc" also includes its own ADSR envelope, fine tuning, octave selector
and a power switch to mute it if necessary.

Pitch Envelope Pitch sweeps have become an essential component of electronic music,
giving us a sense of spatial movement, and helping create swirling effects that enliven sound.
Acidome’s pitch envelope has a wide range, enabling you to easily adjust your sweeps
through a range of plus or minus 36 semitones.
You’ll find that if you run the Pitch envelope with a very short decay time,
you can enhance the attack of a sound, and produce a more percussive effect.

Filter Stage
Acidome has plenty of filtration built right in. When you’ve zeroed in on a sound, experiment with finetuning it
with a LowPass, HighPass, BandPass, BandReject, Peak filter and an extra LowPass smoother than the first one.

The filter frequency can be modulated by the 16-step LFO which is BPM syncable for rhythmic effects,
but it can also be smoothed for luscious ambient sweeps.

Effects Acidome has cool effects: a totally non-boring Ping-Pong Delay, a Stereo Chorus,
and a 16- step Gate Sequencer to drive groovy pads.

Sound getting too hot? VU meters going nuts? Cool the output down with the built-in limiter.

Price: $39