Odo & Sink - Livetweaker (Pc/Free)

From the homepage:
whats livetweaker ?

" Livetweaker is a new vst instrument, gathering in a single plugin one 12 slots drumsampler, one drumsynth, and a monophonic synth.Conceived with live use in mind, the idea is to have 3 instruments on one single track for quick & easy tweaking using a midi controller.
The second idea is to avoid sterile repetition of the same thing in including various random features. So, you can reach subtles variations on a snare's pitch, a cymbal's decay, or simulate the osc pitch instability of an

old analogue synth, but you can also turn your pattern into something totally different after each repetition. Livetweaker aims at keeping things both simple, quick & easy to use, all along with deep user customizable features for more sonic control."

livetweaker is donationware
so donate a little if you can