Sion Software - QuickScore Elite Level II 12.0 (Pc)

From the homepage:
QuickScore Elite Level II is Sion Software's premier software for composing music - a powerful and integrated 48-track scoring and sequencing program together in one package. This is the program that Electronic Magazine awarded their 1998 Editors' Choice for notation software.

Start faster right off the top with one of QuickScore's score templates. You've got Piano, Piano and Solo Instrument, Organ, Choir, Band, Orchestra and a bunch more. And if you need something you don't see, just set it up yourself and it's there for you to use from then on.

You'll find yourself quickly entering music using the mouse or playing music using the built-in virtual keyboard or your MIDI keyboard, guitar controller or other input device. With a microphone attached to your computer you can even sing into QuickScore! Record and enter .WAV digital audio files, and even extract notes from .WAV files. Add volume, pan or any other controllers in real time using the built-in mixer. Or simply open any MIDI, MusicXML, NIFF or Guido file without worrying which scanning program, sequencer or notation program created it.

Edit your music using your choice of Score, Piano Roll, Audio, Controller, Event List or Song Editors - all included and all fully integrated. Once you understand one editor, you automatically understand the others. And now you can edit your audio data down to the individual sample with the included QuickAudio audio editor.

Use VST plugins to extend QuickScore's functionality in ways you never thought possible. You can load new virtual software synthesizers, drum kits and orchestral sounds not available on your sound card, and manipulate them in unbelievable ways. You can edit and morph your audio, and generate new MIDI or audio material to go with music you've already entered.

Of course you can play your music using any sound card or MIDI interface that you've got on your Windows PC.

And when you're done, print publication-quality scores using any Windows-compatible printer, export your scores to word processing, graphics or publishing software in vector or bitmap format, publish to the desktop or world wide web as PDF or JPEG, and create audio CDs, Wave and MP3 files and music soundtracks which you can incorporate into digital films, videos and games.

If you're looking for the heart of this software, you'll find it in the Score Editor. Unlike a lot of sequencers, we don't stop once the notes are down. You've got a complete set of clefs, including five-line and single-line drum clefs. Drop in a clef anywhere on a staff and the music automatically reformats to reflect the change. Same thing for time signature and key signature changes. There's a full compliment of musical symbols, including grace notes, slurs, chord names, guitar grids, figured bass symbols, and hundreds of others. You've got up to four verses of lyrics that automatically center under their notes as you enter them, as well as eight different kinds of resizable block text, which you can put anywhere you want on the page. You can adjust the vertical spacing between staves to make room for extra lyrics, unusually low or high notes or instructions to performers, and you can change the spacing of notes by moving individual notes without affecting their timing, by choosing to use engraver spacing, or by having QuickScore do the job of spacing for you. You choose the average number of notes you'd like to see on a line and QuickScore does the rest, adjusting the number of bars per line and the width of each bar, on a bar-by-bar basis, based on the density of the music, for the bars that you specify or for your entire piece! With a few mouse clicks you set up the layout of braces and bracketing for each system. Same thing for drum notation. You set up the note head and staff position for each pitch and your drum tracks automatically notate the way you want them. And, of course, we let you put multiple independent voices on the same staff.

Cross-staff beaming? No problem. Adjustable split point in split tracks? QuickScore lets you put notes on the upper or lower staff of a split track regardless of whether the pitch is above or below middle C.

With QuickScore Elite Level II, you can quickly and easily produce 6-string guitar tablature notation with adjustable string tuning. Adjust the tuning and the fret numbers are adjusted automatically! Move and edit fret numbers with the same tools you use to edit any other notes or objects.

You can tell that QuickScore was designed with composers in mind by the little things. Like letting you proof your tracks for notes out of the range of the instruments for which you're writing. And automatic playback of repeats and first and second endings. Things like generating chords and guitar grids automatically from the notes you've already got in your tracks. When you've finished putting in the notes for your song, choose Generate Chords and it's all done for you. And of course you have control of the the playback of your chords and guitar grids.

You're going to have to get your hands on the software to see all the stuff that's there. Believe me, it's a lot more than there's room to put down here. Give us a call at 604-222-2454 for more information or to order your copy.
System requirements

* Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP
* 64 MB of RAM
* 16 MB hard disk space
* A Windows-compatible sound card or MIDI interface is optional.

Feature list overview

Editing: Up to 48 tracks * Editing windows include Score, Piano Roll, Controller, Audio, Event List, Song, Track Sheet, Mixer and Comments * Comprehensive set of standard editing commands in all editors including Cut, Copy, Paste, and Undo * Complete control over all MIDI events * Rich set of notation editing commands including transpose chromatically or in the key, adjust enharmonic note spellings, assign notes to different voices or staves, automatically set the duration of notes to fit musical passages and many more * Global graphic arranging options to cut and paste sections of songs * Intelligent edit filters * Loop editing.

Recording and Synchronization: Real-time and step-time recording or record while tapping tempo from MIDI keyboard * Digital audio recording * MIDI from audio files * Real-time 16 channel MIDI mixer controls which respond to all MIDI controllers, including volume and velocity * Punch In/Out * SMPTE/MTC and Midi Clock synchronization * Optional automatic quantization of real-time recording * Input and controller filters for real-time recording.

Playback: Playback through MIDI and all popular sound cards * Scrolling playback with synchronized window display * Repeats and first and second endings automatically play * Interactively edit in full-score, single-track, piano-roll, song-overview, event-list or graphic controller formats as the music plays * Play standard WAVE digital audio files * Track Sheet to mute or solo tracks and change sounds.

Notation: Up to 96 staves * Independently adjust the characteristics of song title, track name, headers, footers, copyright information, 4 sets of lyrics, 6 sets of text, bar and page numbers * Consolidated rests * Engraver Spacing * Full user control over drum notation display * Full set of display quantization options * User adjustable staff spacing, brace style, engraver spacing, adjustable staff indents, and templates for often used configurations * Selection of number of bars per line, time signatures and key signatures on a bar by bar basis * Change clefs at any position * Cross-stave beaming and free note grouping * Adjust position of notes and bar lines, without altering MIDI data * 6-string guitar tablature notation * Automatic chord and guitar grid generation * Full-page preview mode with zoom * High quality WYSIWYG TrueType music font included * High-quality printout on all Windows supported printers.

Musical Symbols: Complete set of symbols including groupings, fingerings, articulations, slurs, repeats, crescendos, decrescendos, dynamics, line and box drawing * All standard clefs including 5-line and single-line percussion clefs * Grace notes and cue notes with automatic beaming * Configurable chord names, guitar chord grids and figured bass.

Importing and Exporting: Import and export standard MIDI files * Import and export MusicXML files * Import NIFF files * Import Wave files * Export MP3 and Wave files * Export Copyist files * Export Tiff, BMP, EMF and EPS files.

Plugin architecture: Support for VST plugins including audio effects, software synthesizers and MIDI effects.

Multimedia: Record and play back multiple tracks of digital audio * synchronize with digitized movie clips for film scoring * create audio CDs, MP3, Wave files and music soundtracks and incorporate them into digital films, videos and games.

QuickScore Elite Level II version 12.0 is $179.95.

Registered users of QuickScore can upgrade to QuickScore Elite Level II for $99.95.

Registered users of QuickScore or Copyist can upgrade to QuickScore Elite Level II version 12.0 and Copyist 6.0 for Windows at the same time for just $124.95.

Add PhotoScore Lite 4.2 when you purchase or upgrade QuickScore Elite Level II 12.0 for only $20.

If you own a sequencing or notation product from any other manufacturer, you qualify for our competitive upgrade offer. Simply send a page from the manual identifying the product you currently own and we will send you QuickScore Elite 12.0 for just $50 or QuickScore Elite Level II 12.0 for just $100.