Sonalksis SV-517 Mk2 Equaliser Plug-in (Pc/Mac/universal)

mk2 eq
The Sonalksis SV-517 EQ is a seven band tonal equaliser developed for professional audio sound sculpting. In keeping with the other plug-ins in the 'SV' series, It employs unique design methods to provide a tone control with true 'Analogue' characteristics, whilst offering a flexibility that can only be obtained by a digital processor.
The SV-517 EQ was the first in the range of products from Sonalksis using the innovative 'State-Space' technology. It was developed by a team of engineers that have many years experience designing professional audio systems for respected industry leaders.

The SV-517 EQ is not an 'esoteric' processor, rather it aspires to the highest quality ideals. However, as part of the 'SV' range of products from Sonalksis, it follows a design philosophy that aims to maintain traditional analogue processing qualities.

Whether you need to add some air to a vocal track, or sweeten an entire mix, the SV-517 EQ is suitable for both mixing and mastering environments. A variety of filter styles are offered, modelling many classic and contemporary analogue responses, and simple switches enable selection of the appropriate style for your programme material.

The SV-517 EQ provides variable-slope high and low cut filters, as well as 5 bands of parametric control with switchable low and high shelving sections. Additionally, three styles of band-pass and three two styles of shelving filter are globally selectable, each with a switchable asymmetrical cut/boost characteristic. Thus in combination 14 different styles of filter are offered, across 7 filter bands.

Each style provides a unique characteristic, and has been carefully chosen for its particular sonic aesthetic. While some styles are based on traditional designs, others present unique and innovative new models.

- 7 filter bands; 2 variable slope filters and 4 parametric bands, of which 2 are switchable shelves
- Sonalksis 'State-space' system model for true analogue response
- Multiple parametric equaliser types inclucing classic models
- Multiple styles of resonant shelf
- 64bit floating point precision internal processing throughout
- Support for sampling rates of up to 192 kHz
- Ultra efficient processing, with specific optimisations for native processors
- Glitchless transitions when switching bands in and out
- Detailed graphical feedback display
- Spectrum Analyzer - One control per function user-interface
- Support for most native plug-in formats on OS X and Windows
The New Features in Mk2

The new Mk2 version was created based on requests from users, to meet their needs for extra functionality, and to extend the usability of the plug-in.

- Extra filter band, to allow for greater control
- Spectrum analyser
- New Resonant shelf type for more creative EQ effects
- Textboxes for more accurate control
- New workflow-optimised user-interface look and feel
- Integrated presets
- Improved band/total response graph
- 18db/oct shelves, for more classic corrective filtering
- Enhanced output metering
Minimum System Requirements

• Windows 2000/XP *
• Pentium III 600 mhz
• 64 MB RAM
• XVGA [High Colour 1024x768]

• Mac OS X (10.3.9 minimum)
• G4 400 MHz / Intel Core
• 64 MB RAM
• XVGA [High Colour 1024x768]

Price: 260 dollar