Sonic Studio - soundBlade v1.1 (Mac)


A Benchmark Digital Audio Workstation

• Records 4 channel digital audio to 192k
• Real Time Multimode Editing
• Real Time Multimode Gain Adjustment
• Real Time Bounce/External Processing
• Real Time Host DSP: AU & VST
• 10x DDP and CD-R Delivery
• 10x Freeze/Render to Disk
• Complete Premastering
• Background SRC
• Vive™ Restoration Suite Included
• Proprietary Shaped TPDF Redithering
• Multimode Waveform/Text View
• Core Audio I/O, including Pro Tools
• Optional DSP I/O Processors
• Optional Extended Precision Sonic EQ™
• Optional NoNOISE II™
• Optional reNOVAtor™

soundBlade - User Interface Highlights

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The heart of soundBlade editing is EFM™, our Edit Fade Mode, working in concert with our pioneering 4 point editing model. Our famously detailed waveforms provide much needed visual information while working rapidly on subtle details. It also has our enviable and highly adjustable Smart Fade Tool™ which, when combined with EFM, makes short work of jobs that are time consuming or impossible on other systems. Of course, you can cut, copy or paste between open Projects and drag and drop files from any Mac OS source, whether the Finder or iTunes.

Far from locking you into proprietary hardware, soundBlade works with all Core Audio interfaces, recording at all common sample rates in all common formats, including AIFF, WAV and BWF. For re–purposing existing projects or, to collaborate with other studios, soundBlade also opens DDP and SD2 with regions. soundBlade also saves in Broadcast WAVE format, with OriginationDate/Time, Originator, OriginatorReference and Description metadata.


Workflow matters and, your time is money. You need simplicity with underlying power and soundBlade delivers an efficiency derived from 20 years of workstation refinement by our discerning clients. Ease of use, flexibility without seldom used “features” or a busy UI all add up to more billable hours.

Fidelity & Platform

soundBlade native

soundBlade is built on the secure, reliable Macintosh operating system, employing our real time, extended precision SSE™ audio engine with Core Audio’s native playback I/O. This means you’re free to choose the appropriate quality of analog conversion, from the computer’s native hardware to ultrahigh quality reference models like our specially built, DSP I/O processors, the Series 300™.

soundBlade accelerated

The optional, 2 channel Model 302™ is the perfect match for soundBlade, and its embedded DSP provides fidelity and flexibility unavailable to 3rd party interfaces. In conjunction with a Model 302, soundBlade frees you to work whenever and wherever your expertise is needed, with a complete studio that you can carry in a briefcase. Learn more.

Processing & Restoration

In addition to Sonic Studio’s extended precision Sonic EQ and benchmark NoNOISE II™ and reNOVAtor restoration modules, soundBlade supports your current collection of AU and VST plug–ins. You can freely intermix VST and AU plug–in types, in any of three points in the signal path, to achieve your desired signal flow. This affords an almost limitless choice of processing and restoration options.

To accelerate your production, soundBlade boasts real time DSP when paired with a Series 300 FireWire processor. Over two dozen plug–in classes provide powerful, time-varying signal processing with a flexible patching system to design, build, store and recall anytime they’re needed.


Sonic is known as the inventor of desktop premastering, and soundBlade enlists the same mark–up and DDP delivery technology found in all our products. Complete PQ support is assured, allowing special handling of segues along with emphasis, UPC/EAN and ISR codes. To further speed your work, entry of PQ information is automated and validated on the fly, with inconsistencies visually flagged for correction. If CD-DA–formatted “refs” or check discs are needed, soundBlade can also quickly generate CD-Rs for client take–aways.

Celebrated Workflow, Unquestioned Fidelity

soundBlade, the bridge between performance and distribution...Backed by Sonic Studio’s legacy as the oldest manufacturer of digital audio workstations, soundBlade maintains the highest level of fidelity available today while offering the speed and efficiency of our time–tested and proven workflow.

• Time Tested Workflow
• Unique Editing Model
• Precision Waveforms
• Edit Fade Mode™
• The Best Platform
• No Hardware Lock–in
• Unmatched Restoration Tools
• Highest Fidelity
• Exceptional Value

Price: $1495