SONiVOX - Muse (Pc)

From the homepage:
MUSE is the most extensively detailed, über-playable, virtual instrument in the world.

The ultimate toolkit for the computer-based musician, MUSE provides you an incredibly diverse, well thought out palette of instruments, fusing organic and digitally created elements from the acclaimed SONiVOX instrument Design Group into one huge amazing virtual instrument.

38 Gigabytes of Unmatched SONiVOX Virtual Instrument Goodness!!!

Made up of a ton of instruments, MUSE includes selections from the Sonic Implants Symphonic Collection and an extraordinary array of Guitars, Basses, Vintage Keyboards, Synths, GM bank, Ethnic Instruments, and Crazy Combination patches (Combis). The combination of these sonic elements provides you with ultra-quick, easy-to-use instruments for working on the fly, or use in live applications.

From Dvorak to Death Metal, or some crazy Electronic Martian Space Boogaloo in between, MUSE has got what you need!

No Sampler Needed!

MUSE is all encapsulated in a wonderfully easy to use (not to mention good looking) almost magical virtual instrument player. Specially adapted for MUSE the custom GVI player powers MUSE’s instruments. MUSE is super easy to install and use. Browsing and choosing instruments is a breeze. Instrument selection is as easy as a click of the mouse.

38 GB of data dedicated to:

Drums- Over 100 drum presets running the gamut from Rock & Pop to Techno & Hip Hop. Modular kit construction also makes it very simple for users to assemble their own kits from scratch using MUSE’s vast array of kicks, snares, toms, and cymbals from the world’s leading drum manufacturers.

Ethnic Melodic & Percussion Instruments- Extraordinary sounds representative of the many abundant and diverse musical cultures found throughout the World; from the dulcimer-like styling of the Chinese Yangquin to the mighty cadences of Highland Bagpipes. Featuring a full complement of African, Afro-Cuban, Chinese and Brazilian percussion instruments. Over 50 unique ethnic instruments in all, covering the vast musical territory that spans the distance from Tijuana to Tibet.

Analog & Digital Synths- Retro to Modern; a massive selection of Synth Leads, Basses, and Pads that puts all the power of Giga iMIDI technology at your fingertips. Monophonic and Portamento programming gives MUSE Synth patches a vitality that others lack while real-time filter controls make it possible for users to engage in all manner of sonic morphing, shape-shifting, and other nefarious skullduggery.

Guitars and Basses- From gentle to gargantuan and all points in between. Delicate acoustic to electric destruction. Unique to MUSE, Legato Mode instruments make it possible to create smooth legato phrases whether you’re laying down a cool jazz lick or hammering steel with a titanic lead line. Also, you’ll find plenty of plucked, picked, and slapped Acoustic and Electric Basses to cover all of your bottom-end needs, whether the occasion calls for laying back in the pocket or stepping out front for a spotlight moment.

Symphonic Instruments- Orchestral selections taken directly from SONiVOX’ acclaimed Complete Symphonic Collection; the choice of Film & TV composers the world over. Over 14Gb of solo & ensemble strings, brass, winds, mallets and percussion; MUSE is a MINI Symphonic Collection in itself.

Keyboards- Acoustic and electric keyboards running the gamut from the fabulously funky to the elegantly austere. Start with an eight velocity Grand Piano and begin working your way through MUSE’s massive collection of Drawbar Organs; Electric Pianos, Harpsichords and more. There’s plenty here to keep your fingers happy and additional inspiration is never more than a mouse-click away.

Pop Brass- Featuring our Baritone, Alto, Tenor, and Soprano Sax instruments, MUSE Pop Brass ensemble presets make sequencing pop brass parts a snap.

GM- General MIDI used to be such a dirty word. Not anymore. Walk with MUSE GM and you walk tall. 4GB of instrumental finery and a solemn guarantee from us that your distorted guitar patch will never sound like a piccolo again.

Combis- Half the fun of building a collection this size is the opportunity it affords to dream up cool and exciting new blends of sound and texture. With such a massive pool of sampled instruments, we created over 4GB of Combi patches covering a wide variety of genres; a well of inspiration from which the water of musical vitality shall never run dry. Dip a toe in and see for yourself.

Build Your Own Combis- Need more? Why not build your own Combis? We’ve created multiple banks of essential sounds- stripped down to their principal elements the better for you to stack and pile them up with abandon. MUSE does modularity nicely; creating your own custom-designed patches has never been easier.

MUSE Virtual Instrument Engine Powered by GVI- Every good sampled instrument needs something to load it into. MUSE comes with its own special player powered by TASCAM’s GVI. The MUSE player is extremely robust and easy to use. Browsing and Loading instruments is as easy as a click of the mouse. MUSE’s player works great as a standalone or seamlessly integrates into the digital audio platform of your choice.*

TASCAM GigaPulse and iMIDI Technology- Much more than just a convolution reverb, GigaPulse is also an astonishingly versatile sound design tool with a serious capacity for sonic manipulation. While you’ll appreciate it as the finest acoustic space simulator in existence, we’ve created additional GigaPulse impulses designed specifically to turn the ordinary into the other-worldly. In addition, MUSE helps you get serious musical mileage with the power of iMIDI technology under the hood. From innovations like DEF (dynamic expressiveness filter) and PRF (portamento reshaping filter) to Legato Mode and Round Robin (to name just a few) features, iMIDI rules help power MUSE instruments to deliver the maximum in versatility and playability.

*System & Compatibility Requirements Apply

Price: $595.00