Sony - ACID Pro 6.0d (Pc)


* Improved DirectX and VST audio plug-in scanning.
* MIDI drum maps have been added for Korg Karma and Triton Rack.
* Fixed a bug that could cause plug-ins to disappear after being re-enabled.
* Fixed a bug that caused selections and views in the Chopper to be constrained erratically.
* Fixed a bug that prevented MIDI preview from working correctly in the Piano Roll, List Editor, Clip Properties, and Chopper windows.
* WaveTerminal hardware and ASIO drivers now work correctly.
* Improved performance with the MOTU Symphonic Instrument VST instrument.

The One and Only ACID Pro
When it debuted in 1998, ACID Pro software launched a revolution
in music creation. By offering a straightforward interface and easy
‘pick, paint, and play’ functionality, it was the first loop-based
music creation application to put professional studio composition
and editing power in the hands of producers at every level of
expertise. The tradition of innovation continues with version 6.
ACID Pro 6 software is the ideal environment for composition,
recording, mixing, and production. Its unique fusion of
professional power and exceptional ease of use sets ACID Pro 6
software apart from all other digital audio workstations. With
multitrack audio technologies, comprehensive MIDI sequencing,
and legendary ACID looping functionality, ACID Pro 6 software will
redefine the way you make music. Read more about Acid 6