Ultimate Sound Bank - Retro Keyboards (Pc/Mac/Universal)

retro keyboards
From the homepage:
A brilliant collection of the most essential keyboards of all time, now available for all platforms and formats. Truly plug and play.

Seven legendary instruments captured in stunning audiophile detail, with a range of expression that feels like the real thing under your fingers. Three "eras" of a classic tine-based electric piano – a famous electro-acoustic piano; a soulful reed piano; one funky keyboard plus his "little brother". Runs stand-alone, hosted as a plug-in under all formats, or within Plugsound Pro and Motu’s Mach5 V2 sampler.

Universal performance, universal appeal.

Retro Keyboards and Plugsound Pro.

Each instrument included in Retro Keyboards is organized into "families" of presets to simulate the essential vocabulary of these classic keyboard, including Amp simulator, Tremolo, Vinyl emulation, and much more.

These presets can be designed thanks to the Plugsound Pro sound design section, which allows you to add up to four effects per instruments, from classy convolution reverberation to analog modeled Chorus and Flanger, from a Studio Limiter to high-class EQ... This section also provides Filters and 4 LFOs per instrument. And don't forget that Plugsound Pro can import up to 64 Retro Keyboards instruments for creative layers and splits, and much more.


Plugsound Pro features a powerful expert mode: intuitivly split your keyboard into several zoned instruments, easily stacked instruments, switch from one instrument to another with a single keystroke...

Also, control your effects, filters and LFOs with any MIDI keyboard: Each parameter can be automated in Plugsound Pro thanks to the instant MIDI-Learn feature.

Extremely dedicated for the stage and any live applications.

The Universal UVI Player is provided with UVI Soundcard Retro Keyboards. It operates as a MAC/PC stand alone application and as a virtual instrument software plug-in for Mac OSX and Windows in all major hosts. UVI Soundcard Retro Keyboards can be also imported inside Plugsound Pro and MOTU MachFive 2, bringing more creative features than ever, providing inspirating sound design, easy live performances, ergonomic studio productions and much more. Please visit the Plugsound Pro page for more information.

IMPORTANT: iLok™ Key required
1 Gb RAM, 6 Gb free hard disc space, DVDROM Drive
Mac: OSX 10.3.9 or higher, G4/G5 (1.5 GHz minimum) or Macintel
PC: Windows XP, 2 GHz Pentium IV or better CPU, OpenGL compatible graphic card

UNIVERSAL UVI PLAYER™ operates as a MAC/PC stand alone application and as a virtual instrument software plug-in for Mac OSX and Windows in all major hosts including Digidesign Pro Tools™, MOTU Digital Performer™, Apple Logic™, Ableton Live™, Steinberg Cubase SX™, Nuendo™, V-Stack™, Fruity Loops™, Sony Acid Pro™, Cakewalk Sonar™, Project 5™ and any other VST, RTAS, MAS, DXi and Audio Unit host applications.

Price: 149.00 EUR