XLN Audio - Addictive Drums (Pc/Mac/universal)

From the homepage:

Addictive Drums is a Complete Drum Production Studio. Our concept is this:

To create a convincing drum track in any style you need 3 things:

- The “raw” drum/cymbal sounds, recorded with a multi mic setup
- The mixing process, including all the effects and the know-how of a producer/technician
- The grooves, beats and fills of a good drummer

Addictive Drums offers all this, in an easy to use plugin, compatible with all the major hosts out there!

With the included Presets you can immediately try out different production styles and easily tweak anything in the mix to make it perfect. No more “I have 30 plugin windows to keep track of just for the drums”. And when you’ve perfected your favourite drum sound, just save it and re-use it in the next project!

Kits & Pieces
Addictive Drums ships with 3 complete kits, and lots of extra drums and cymbals. The samples include every nuance from the softest to the hardest hits, many stroke variations (hihat has 12 variations, snare has 6 for example) Alternating samples through-out bring unparalleled realism.

All sampled drum/cymbal sounds are recorded with a multi channel mic setup, just as you would record a real drum kit. The AD Kits
Sonor Designer (Kick, Snare, 5 toms)
DW Collector’s Series (Kick, Snare, 5 toms)
Tama Starclassic (Kick, Snare, 3 toms)

Pearl Signature Ferrrone snare, Pearl Masterworks Piccolo snare, Pearl Masterworks kick

Cymbals: (Sabian & Paiste)
3 Hihats, 9 Crashes, 3 Splashes & 2 Chinas

Tune and tweak
Shaping the basic sound is easy within AD’s sampler section. Controls for volume and pitch (with envelopes), levels (adjust balance of Close, Overhead and Room levels of each Kitpiece), and filter (cut the low end on hihats for example) means you can do anything from slight tweaking to major reconstruction of the sound. The AD sampler
For each Kitpiece:
- Solo/Mute
- Main Level
- Overhead Level + Pan/Width
- Room Level + Pan/Width
- “Single Sample” mode
- Main Pitch + OH/Room Pitch Offset
- Pitch Envelope (w velocity mod)
- Amp Envelope
- HiPass/LoPass Filter
Mix it up – built in effects
12 mixer channels, 52 insert effects and 2 reverbs are at your disposal, giving you the freedom to create just about any drum sound you’ve ever heard. And then some!
Everything is quickly accessible, no hidden menus get in your way. See it, tweak it, move on. Drum production has never been this easy, and even our pro users agree that Pro should not equal “impossible to understand”. The AD Effects
For each channel:
- Compressor
- Dist (4 algos, selectable bandwidth)
- EQ (3 band)
- Saturating Limiter

Master and Bus channels additionally include:
- Tape Saturation
- HiPass/LoPass Filter

Reverbs include
- 4 algorithms (Ambience, Room, Hall, Plate)
- Decay Time, Predelay, Damping
- 2 band EQ
- Pan/Width control
Presets = Instant results
The included presets make it easy to try out different styles for a track, and lets you save and re-use complete drum productions in new songs. You can create your own folders with your own presets and they immediately appear in the Preset menu! The AD Presets
Over 100 presets are included, ranging from pure acoustic pop, to Metal, Funk and distorted electronica mayhem.
Preset categories include: Clean, Distorted, Electronica, LoFi, PopRock (Big), PopRock (Medium), PopRock (Dry), Retro, Rock, Soft, Xperimental.

Check out the Audio Demos Section!
Midi files
A vast library of midi files in different styles, all easily accessible from within AD gives you the building blocks to create drum tracks quickly. The built in browser lets you search by keyword (“Ride”, “Metal”), or sort by Category, BPM, Time signature. Drag’n’drop files the files you like to AD’s favourite list, or drag them right into your host’s arrangement window! The AD Midi Library
More than 3000 beats and fills in various styles such as Pop/Rock, Metal, Funk, Jazz etc are included. There are basic Kick+Snare beats with variations on each like “8th Hihat” “w Ghostnotes” “4th Ride” etc. There are also “Songs” which contain 4 bar Verse/Bridge/Chorus/Middle8 variations. And lots more!
Let it all out – separate outputs
AD is a multi-out plugin, meaning that every channel in the AD mixer can be routed to a separate output if you like. Setting it up
Read this general guide on how to set up routing of separate outputs into your host!

Take the Bus!
One common ”trick” in drum mixing is to create a submix of some kitpieces (kick+snare+hihat for example) on a separate channel in the mixer. This submix is then often treated to some heavy compression/slight distortion, and finally brought back into the main mix at a lower level. This means you can get a quite thick and crunchy sound (courtesy of the submix), while still maintaining the dynamics and punch of the “main” mix. AD’s mixer has a special Bus Channel that lets you do just this (and lots more).

Cymbal chokin’
AD has an advanced system for creating realistic cymbal chokes. (When the drummer grabs the cymbal and silences it).
You hit the cymbal on one key, and choke it with another. AD calculates the volume on the cymbal at that particular time, and plays a choke sample that fits perfectly. There are even different choke samples on the ride cymbal, depending on if you hit the bell or the edge before the choke! All choke samples are multilayered and have alternating samples as well.

AD Online community
gives you access to even more content, created by XLN Audio and our users worldwide.

Compatible with PC and Mac, including the new IntelMacs.
VST, AU and RTAS versions available.

Price: 239 dollar