XO Audio - XO Wave v0.19.0 (Mac/Universal/Linux/Pro/Free)

XO Wave 0.19.0 includes many new features, including an Envelope Generator effect (useful for more than just ducking), a ton of major improvements to existing features, such as CD Burning, import and export, and a beautiful new look. There are over 100 changes since the 18th beta.

XO Wave is a digital audio workstation designed to meet the needs of audio and video professionals, with a focus on CD Mastering and audio for video related work. Though still under development, XO Wave already provides professional-grade capabilities for manipulating audio, with a familiar and elegant interface. Support for direct recording from any core-audio device, importing and exporting files in a variety of formats (including songs from iTunes playlists), CD Burning, multi-track editing, support for many Audio Units, and QuickTime synchronization and export, make XO Wave a great tool for all kinds of Audio work, including podcasting, vodcasting, CD Mastering, mixing and more!

Don't let all that power fool you, though. XO Wave has been designed to be easy to use, and many of its features should be familiar to anyone who has worked in a professional audio studio, or picked up a microphone. Plus, the XO Wave site has loads of tips and tricks for people just getting started.
Key Features

* Red Book CD Mastering: CD Mastering is easy, just mark your tracks, create a master and burn! You can even create a session from an iTunes playlist, or other files on your system and have XO Wave set the levels and create track markers for you automatically. With support for CD Text, ISRC, and MCN/UPC sub-code data, you've got everything you need for your next commercial CD release.
* Video Support: XO Wave supports syncing to and outputting any QuickTime video format, making XO Wave great for a variety of projects from pure music, to audio for video work to podcasting and even video podcasting (vodcasting)! There's even a dedicated menu option for creating iPod video files.
* Multi-Track Recording: XO Wave supports multi-track recording and editing -- great for recording songs with the whole band, doing multiple takes and more.
* Real-Time Cross Fades: Unlike some other workstations, cross fades are calculated in real time, meaning no truncation or round-off noise and faster editing -- especially on the long fades.
* Unlimited Effects, Tracks, Undos: Still using an editor with one level of undo? Just 8 tracks? Get XO Wave! By default, XO Wave gives you 25 levels of undo; if that isn't enough you can set it to unlimited.
* Built-In Effects and Audio Units: XO Wave has great built-in effects, including a compressor, reverb, and EQ; it also provides access to most Audio Units for unlimited expansion. Automation is available on most effects' built-in parameters and on all Audio Unit parameters that support it.
* Edit while XO Wave works: With XO Wave's "Offline Operations" feature, You can keep working on your session while XO Wave imports, exports or burns CDs in the background. No more waiting for a file format conversion or CD Burn to finish!
* Edit Softening: XO Wave automatically removes those annoying pops and ticks that occur at edit points.
* Double-Precision Math: Internal calculations are made using at least 64-bit double-precision math. What does that mean? It means better sound than the 32-bit workstation you're using now. What's more, all lower-precision output is properly Dithered.
* Intuitive, Non-destructive Interface: XO Wave is easy to use and you're never at risk of deleting a recording by editing over it -- so you're always free to try stuff.
* Versioning: Versions let you save a session as it was at a particular time -- great for experimenting and not worrying if you'll be able to get it the way it was before.

Pricing and Availability

XO Wave is available as a free download for both Mac OS X and Linux. For $75, Mac users can upgrade to XO Wave Pro which adds features such as QuickTime export, Audio Units, full-speed CD Burns, and 64-bit audio engine.

Three editions of XO Wave are available. If you are running Mac OS X, you can download XO Wave and run XO Wave Free in which some features are restricted. By registering XO Wave, you automatically upgrade to XO Wave Pro, the most powerful edition of XO Wave. A third edition is available for Linux and FreeBSD: XO Wave Open, a no-charge edition available as a thank-you to the open source communities which produce Linux and FreeBSD. Note that XO Wave itself is not open source.

XO Wave is available as a free download for both Mac OS X and Linux. A $75 activation gives Mac users added features, such as QuickTime export, full-speed CD Burns, and 64-bit audio engine.


XO Wave requires a G4 or G5 processor, Mac OS X v10.4.1 or later, Java 1.4.2, 256mb RAM, and a 1024x768 or larger color display. The latest updates from Apple are strongly recommended. Note that XO Wave is still under development. Buying now entitles you to a free upgrade to 1.x when available.
Download XO Wave Open

* Built on Debian Testing (Sarge).
* Please read our notes for Linux users.
* Works on a variety of distributions.
* Requires 256mb RAM.
* 1024x768 color display required.
* May require installation of compatibility libraries.
* Requires Java 1.4: Get Java
* CDRecord ("cdrtools") recommended.

Not Currently Available When available, XO Wave for FreeBSD will target FreeBSD-STABLE, and require Java and 256mb RAM.

XO Wave Free:

You are free to use XO Wave without purchasing it, and most features are available even if you don't pay, including recording, mixing, editing and burning CDs. If you choose to purchase XO Wave, you will be allowed unlimited effects (non-paying users can have up to five effects), full speed CD Burns (non-paying users will have limited burn speed) and the option of using double-precision math for all internal calculation.

Price: XO Wave Pro — 574.18 SEK