Admiral Quality - Poly-Ana beta v0.40 (Pc)

Poly-Ana is a analog model polyphonic synthesizer.

From the homepage:
Poly-Ana was updated to Beta 0.40. Beta 0.40 adds MIDI Guitar controller support, several bug fixes, and further optimizations -- Poly-Ana now uses approximately HALF the CPU power that the original Beta 0.10 release used! That was a milestone we were hoping to pass before launch of 1.0 and we're happy we've made it, but we're not stopping there! Expect performance to continue to improve througout the 1.x series updates.

We expect to be at our first "release candidate" version by the end of January. Note that the version number will jump to Beta 0.90 once we've crossed out the remaining items on the Coming Soon list. There's not much left to fill in, so jump on that Beta offer soon to save $60 off the regular price of $129.95 (USD)!

Poly-Ana, analog model polyphonic synthesizer.
From the homepage:
Poly-Ana is finally here! Note that this is a very early Beta release, and some features are still to be filled in. We ask that you check the Coming Soon list before downloading Poly-Ana and using up your free, one week, FULLY-FUNCTIONING evaluation period. Some of you will be ready right now, but for others it may be best to wait a while longer for a later stage Beta release. If you're worried about missing the introductory Beta offer, don't. We'll be announcing when we're getting close, and the Beta version number will be 0.9x immediately before release of version 1.0. So if you need to see something on the Coming Soon list working before purchasing Poly-Ana, please just hang on a little while longer and save your evaluation period! We expect most bug-fixes and new features to be added within the first few weeks of the Beta period. We also expect great improvements in CPU performance by the 1.0 release, as well as throughout the product lifetime. The Version 1.0 release is expected by year-end, 2006 (but if it's a bit later, that's just because we're adding even more features and improvements!) Read more.