Cakewalk to Update SONAR Power Studio

—SONAR Power Studio to be updated with SONAR 6 features, Microsoft Windows® Vista™ support and hardware drivers; Cakewalk will begin shipping new SONAR Power Studio to retail in April 2007; SONAR Power Studio customers who purchase after 02/01/07 qualify for a free upgrade to the new SONAR Power Studio software—

Anaheim CA, WINTER NAMM 2007 (booth 6800), (January 18, 2007) —Cakewalk, the world’s leading developer of powerful and easy to use products for music creation and recording, today announces thatSONAR Power Studio will be updated with new SONAR 6.2 features. Cakewalk will begin shipping the updated SONAR Power Studio systems to retail starting April 2007. Customers that purchase SONAR Power Studio 25, 66, 250, and 660 systems after February 1st, 2007 will qualify for a free upgrade to the new SONAR Power Studio software with version 6 features. Starting April 2007, customers can visit to redeem their free upgrade.

Released in April 2006, SONAR Power Studio music production systems offer powerful audio software along with reliable, great sounding audio hardware to form the perfect music production solution. SONAR Power Studio takes minutes to setup, and offers you the same production power found in professional studios—with the freedom to take anywhere.

SONAR Power Studio originally shipped with SONAR 5 Studio Edition software, along with Roland V-Vocal and Amplitube LE. In order to keep current with the latest version of SONAR, which was released in September 2006, Cakewalk has decided to upgrade the software with new SONAR 6 features.

New Features in SONAR Power Studio:

* Active Controller Technology (ACT): dynamically re-maps effect, mix and instrument parameters to hardware controllers
* AudioSnap suite of tools includes:
o Non-destructive audio quantize
o Quantize one track with another track’s feel
o Convert audio beats to MIDI
o Slip-stretch clips to a new time or length
o High-quality processing with multiple algorithms including iZotope Radius™, Percussion Mode, more
* Synth Rack makes managing, controlling, and automating your instruments simple
* Console view redesigned for ergonomic mixing
* Modular Transport provides easy playback control and vital visual feedback
* Analyst spectrum analyzer
* Automation enhancements: read/write controls for tracks and plug-ins, enable automation during playback and record, visual automation cues, more
* Fast Zoom enables fast, precise edits without losing your place
* Per-channel EQ and assignable FX controls in Console view and Track Inspector
* Clip editing enhancements including lock to time, clip data lock with options for specific attributes (position, duration, both)
* MIDI Input Quantize to time-align MIDI as it is recorded to a track, and hear and see the effect of the quantization as soon as the track is looped or played back
* Work seamlessly with VST plug-ins: VST support is now integrated into SONAR 6 and no longer requires an external VST to DX adapter
* Mouse wheel support for parameter control and zoom
* Crash Recovery safeguards your projects against faulty plug-ins and other sources of crashes
* Automatic file versioning: back up projects with time/date stamps for easy access to old versions
* Score video with Video Thumbnail Track in Track view
* Customizable user interface: put favorite features right at your fingertips
* User-customizable plug-in menus for easy organization and grouping
* Friendly driver naming (user-customizable audio hardware port names)
* Custom color schemes with saturation, hue, and brightness controls and color categories for easy customization
* X-Ray Windows: Make plug-ins and views in SONAR transparent so that you can quickly access and edit the SONAR views and plug-ins below—all without minimizing, moving or closing windows.
* Bit Meter VST Plug-in: See the benefits of SONAR’s 64-bit audio engine in action. A valuable tool for monitoring the digital activity of your audio stream
* Native Windows® Vista™ support

Complete Integration

What sets the SONAR Power Studio production systems apart is the uncompromised experience of complete integration between the Cakewalk software and the audio hardware.

With one installer for the software and hardware, auto-setup features, and SONAR’s legendary ease-of-use, you’ll be ready to make music in minutes. And best of all, because this is an integrated solution from Cakewalk, there is one phone number to call for support.

Pricing and Availability
The free upgrade to SONAR 6 Power Studio Edition will be made available through starting April 2007 to registered SONAR Power Studio 25, 250, 66, and 660 customers who purchased after February 1st, 2007.

Customers who purchased SONAR Power Studio before February, 2007 will be able to upgrade their SONAR Power Studio software to the latest version for $99/€99/£69. Customers who are only interested in upgrading their Power Studio hardware drivers to add Vista support will be able to download new drivers for free from

SONAR Power Studio 250 has an estimated street price of $449 U.S., SONAR Power Studio 660 is $599 U.S. Both are available at select music and sound retailers today. SONAR Power Studio 250 and 660 will begin shipping with the new SONAR 6 features starting April 2007. For more information, visit Cakewalk on the web at; or call 888-CAKEWALK, +1 (617) 423-9004 outside U.S.

Outside North America, the SONAR Power Studio offerings are marketed as SONAR Power Studio 25 (USB version) and SONAR Power Studio 66 (FireWire version); the software ships with English, French, German, and Spanish versions of SONAR Studio Edition, and the Edirol UA-25 (SONAR Power Studio 25) or FA-66 (SONAR Power Studio 66) audio/MIDI interfaces, all contained within one box respectively. The international versions of the SONAR Power Studio software components have been optimized for the included Edirol Hardware. There is one multi-lingual getting started guide and one User’s Guide that covers both the hardware and software, and customers only need to call one company for tech support.

Available through Cakewalk’s Roland and Edirol distribution partners, Europe's suggested retail price for SONAR Power Studio 25 and SONAR Power Studio 66 are €479 and €669 (including VAT) respectively; U.K. pricing is £329 and £459 (including VAT) respectively; and are available today. SONAR Power Studio 25 and 66 will begin shipping with the new SONAR 6 features starting April 2007.