Defective Records - Major Malfunction

major malfunction
Mangle, glitch & fsu in ableton live. major malfunction is a Mac audio plugin that mutates your Ableton Live audio in real time, under your control.

Major Malfunction is a Macintosh audio plugin specifically created for use in Ableton Live. It allows you to easily mangle, glitch, slice, and dice your real-time audio. You can use it as either a VST or as an AU plugin in Live.

• Mac G4 667 MHz or better; both PowerPC and Intel architectures supported
(Universal Binary)
• Mac OS 10.3.9 or greater
• Ableton Live, v4 or greater (earlier versions may work fine, but not tested)
• Cycling ’74 Pluggo, Pluggo Jr, or Pluggo Runtime, v3.6.1 or greater (Pluggo Jr and
Pluggo Runtime are both free)

Price: $10 USD, PayPal only.