Devine Machine - Lucifer 2.1 (Pc/Mac/universal)

This is a commercial filter effect plugin to manipulate audio in realtime.

* Sampler Mode - a "loopslicer" mode that triggers the 16ths with adjustable offsets from MIDI notes.
* VSTSDK 2.4, Universal Binary.
* Audio Units version (thanks to Magnus Lindstrom/Symbiosis).
* Presets/Songs created on G4/G5 are now compatible with Windows/Intel-Macs and vice-versa.
* Incarn allows for reverse-segments (CTRL-right-click on Windows).
* GraphSets now contain the values of the loop modifier knobs (groove, spread, gate, hyper, etc.)
* Two octaves of UserKeys instead of one.
* UserKey menus now allow for an assignable destination value when applicable.
* UserKey menus now have "knob value memory" (knob returns to previous position when released).
* Length knob now has a new+improved sonic function (pitchshift up + scrub forward-reverse-forward).
* Adjustable crossfade time when changing buffers (e.g. fade-time between two loaded loops).
* Groove knob functions in Incarn mode (e.g. add swing feel to a live audio input).
* Improved host sync / sync options.
* Improved sound quality (MIDI note / incarn / buffer capturing / PitchShift / changing output pairs).
* Improved note-polyphony handling.
* Improvement in dotted/triplet key behaviour.
* Config file (LuciferConfig.txt) for custom MIDI Note/CC mapping and many additional options.
* New smoothing mode (decay switch) to generate graph-decay curves, e.g. for a classic step-filter sound.
* Bug fix to pitch slider, wave selector mouse-tracking.

Lucifer 2 is a VST FX plugin designed for manipulating audio tracks in realtime.

Repeat, Gate, Stutter and Scratch a live input or audio track on the fly!

Lucifer has been desgined to be well-suited for live performance and DJ's, allowing BPM to be set by tapping along on a key (C key).


- Host BPM / manual Tap BPM sync

- 6 Incarn graphs (pan/vol/scratch/distort/cut/res)

- scratch/stutter/reverse audio on-the-fly

- 99 new DSP effect types in Lucifer 2!

- additonal FX (spread/groove/bounce/gate)

- Secondary SVF filter with 4 filter modes (LPF, BPF, HPF, Notch)

- Infinite Lock-repeat

- Stereo in, and routable 4 stereo outs with DJ-type crossfader

- Load and Save wav files! Capture sounds, manipulate them, and export!

- Graph data (and knob values) save in host song (note: demo prevents loading saved settings)

- fairly priced ($99.99)

- lifetime free updates

Price: 100 dollar