Eliosound - ELS Vocoder (Pc/Mac/universal)

els vocoder
ELS Vocoder is a new vocoder plugin from Eliosoound. It will be released soon. No word on price yet.

ELS Vocoder : powerful and simple to use

The ELS Vocoder® faithfully reproduces the analog vocoder sounds that have been used by many artists in the electronic music history.
It also includes a wide range of rare and new features, which makes it unique, powerfull and simple to use.

Analog vocoder sound
The ELS vocoder uses the same filtering techniques that a real analog vocoder, which allows to get the same sound, the same precision and the same clarity than with "vintage" vocoders.
Its oscillators also use a synthesis technique which produces a sound with the same harmonic richness than real analog oscillators. Thanks to the ELS Vocoder oscillators, the vocoded sounds are clear and "organic" : you can almost feel the warmth that you could get with a real analog vocoder, with the same bass punch and highs precision.

Ease of use
The ELS vocoder has been designed to be very convenient and simple. If you want to process a vocal melody track, you just have to insert the ELS Vocoder in your track and let the pitch tracker follow the original pitch of the voice. The useful settings are under your fingertips, just a mouseclick away, so you have access to all the basic and useful settings that a vocoder needs. Using a powerful vocoder has never been so simple.

Advanced settings
If you are a sound designer and you want to produce special effects or some new kind of vocoding effects, the ELS vocoder is for you. Behind its simple interface, it features a lot of advanced settings for those who really want to tweak the sound. Each module have its own advanced setting panel, so it can be tuned separately and quickly. Alien voices, breathing effects, and many more can be quickly obtained, also thanks to the presets.