Jack Dark - NUCLEAR CRANIUM (Pc/Free)

nuclear cranium
This FREE plugin from Jack Dark is perfect for experimental music. You can create some strange noise with it. More and more excellent FREE plugins are released.

NUCLEAR CRANIUM is a 100% free Multi-Band Distortion/FSU device designed to aid in the construction of experimental music and sounds.

NUCLEAR CRANIUM works with Stereo or Mono source material input. The FX magic starts by splitting the incoming source material using a State Variable Filter into four frequency layers; Hi, Mid, Low, and Else. Then each frequency layer has its own proprietary FX units with which one alters or corrupts said frequency. Each frequency layer is then recombined into one unified new sound result. All frequency layers have PITCHSHIFTING, BITCRUSHING, WAVESHAPING, "CRUNCH", BITCRUSH, "PSYCHODELAY", and AUTOPAN FX units individually. As well as independent Wet/Dry settings and Volume/Amplification sliders as well. Each frequency layer can be turned ON or OFF to save CPU consumption. Nearly every single NUCLEAR CRANIUM parameter has its own individual internal completely reconfigurable LFO. NUCLEAR CRANIUM 's GUI is 100% verbosely tooltipped for ease of learning.

NUCLEAR CRANIUM comes with 50 internal presets, 27 external presets, a user's manual, and a positive karma blessing from the great CyberSiddhartha.