MusE v0.9pre2 (Linux/Free)
Muse is a FREE Audio/Midi Sequencer for Linux.

* 0.9pre2 tagged (rj)

* Fixed some major issues with undo/redo. (T356)
- Symptom - Delete track(s), then undo, muse crashes.
- Symptom - Rename a track, then undo, muse crashes.
- Cause - 'Delete' destroyed the track(s), so undo would attempt to restore
non-existent object. Other problems caused rename crash. Still more undo/redo code
was causing problems, like left-over synth instances hanging around after loading a new song,
or crashing upon loading a new song if certain redo items were still in the redo list...
- Known bugs - DON'T rename a synth track then undo, muse still crashes. Not sure why yet.
After 'un-deleting' a synth track, you will have to open the 'MIDI Ports/Soft Synth' window
and manually restore its MIDI port.
Don't do anything too crazy like deleting multiple tracks while playing, might possibly crash.
After undeleting an audio wave track, its sound might not be sync'd with the rest of the song -
simply hit the fast-forward or rewind button to cure that.
* Prevented saving, and segfault upon loading, of routes in med file with empty names. (T356)
- Symptom - Jack shuts down, so instead of attempting to restart audio, you save your work,
but when you try to reload your song, muse crashes.
- Cause - Upon Jack shutdown, all audio in and out Jack routes were erased, and muse saved
the song like that. Upon reload, muse would crash due to the empty routes in the .med file.
- Note that this does not cure the original cause of this (Jack routes erased), so although you
can now re-load the song without muse crashing, you must manually restore all the audio in/out
Jack routes. So please try to restart the audio first. (Trying to fix this issue...)
* Add new soloing system. Check it out! (T356)
- Symptom - You click solo on a track but you hear nothing, and all other tracks are muted.
- Cause - Wasn't really broken, you just had to solo all other tracks in that routing path
to make sure whatever you were attempting to solo made its way to its destination so you
would hear it.
Inconvenient, yes. Especially with a large song with a lot of tracks, groups etc.
With this new system, this is done automatically for you. Even MIDI tracks driving synth
tracks, too.
- Known bug - If a MIDI track drives some external MIDI device which you feed the audio
back into muse, there's no way for muse to know how to couple the MIDI and audio in
tracks together. Sorry you'll have to manually solo both.
BUT - I'm CONSIDERING adding this - If an audio in track's name BEGINS WITH the name
of a MIDI track, I could couple them that way. For example - MIDI track named 'Track1' and
an audio in track named 'Track1 Input', then muse could mutually solo both tracks properly...
* Enabled MIDI mixer strip solo buttons. (T356)
* Some other minor fixups here and there. (T356)
- Other known bugs - Due to an earlier oversight, if you use your own custom LADSPA plugin
GUI's (see README.ladspaguis), QCheckbox and QCombobox controls may not automate quite right.
Note that this includes just one buit-in custom GUI - for the 'TAP Reverberator' plugin.
* Fixed loading of .med files, with plugins, created before muse-0.9pre1. (t356)
They will load, then save, correctly now.
- Symptom - Load an old song with plugins and some of the plugin controls can't be moved.
- Cause - Controller id's in med file mixed up, not save correctly, because of moving rack
plugins around, which never properly switched the id's before muse-0.9pre1.
* Fixed soloing (again). (t356)
- Symptom - Delete a soloed track, then soloing is messed up - other tracks may be muted but don't show it,
only way out is to reload. Speaking of which, loading also did not set track soloing correctly.
- Cause - Upon deleting a track or loading a song, track solo ref count was not updated.
* Added infrastructure for an improved soloing system, much more intuitive. (Not done yet!...) (t356)
* Fixed spelling mistake - Freeverb "Rooom" size. (t356)
* By T356
* More automation fixes. Everything should be working now, check it out!
* Although still no automation editor, all of these changes so far should help
manipulate and navigate the events.
* Fixed touch mode events storing, was not right.
* Fixed a couple of stray signal connects which may have caused wacky controls.
* Sliders, knobs and labels now respond to mousewheel and paging properly.
* Linked slider/knob labels with sliders and knobs so paging or mousewheeling
a label works smoothly and linearly, even with logarithmic controls.
* Fixed integer controls (like Glame Bandpass 'stages').
* Fixed external plugin gui's to look like the built-in freeverb. This means
they now scale properly with different fonts. :)
* Hopefully the last of major automation conceptual changes - making sliders, knobs,
labels and checkboxes work together with the four automation modes, barring any fixes,
and a few tweaks to follow (like shift key for label mousewheeling, and how to make
a label stop updating so values can be entered). Some more right-click menu options
may follow (like store event, enable automation, enable interpolation).
Automation readme to come (need it!).
* Still to fix - Controls' right-click automation menu still a bit confused upon tempo changes.
* reworked mute, old solution caused problems for solo
* solo is now united between midi and audio, they were previously
interdependant. This has the downside that if a soft synth is
soloed both the midi and the audio needs to have solo enabled (rj)
* fixed issue with hanging notes for softsynths when stop is pressed (rj)
* Backported fix from HEAD for using a file descriptor from two different
threads, should make it work somewhat better with SMP (rj)
* fixed faulty off value for aux when set to max (rj)
* Allow wheeling of tracks from track list (rj)
* reenabled mute for outputs (rj)
* Fixed timing bug causing MusE to depend on jack buffer setting
this needs testing, it involved uncommenting some code that might
have been commented for a reason (rj)
* Added support for auto-scroll for other drag operations but
rubberband (rj)

MusE is a MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities written by Werner Schweer. MusE aims to be a complete multitrack virtual studio for Linux, it is published under the GNU General Public License. MusE has among other things support for:

* Midi sequencing
o Record/Playback/Import
o Input filter
* Audio sequencing
o Record/Playback several mono/stereo inputs/outputs.
o Use effects
o Nice routing features
o AudioGroups
o Perform audio effects like chorus/flanger!
* Jack
o Use the Jack Audio Connection Kit for midi/audio routing.
o Internal Audio Routing Interface
* ALSA - based on the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture

You can use several soundcards to access external midi devices and record/playback them with MusE.
But MusE is much more.

MusE is a multitrack virtual studio for Linux that has support for sequencing of both midi and audio and has, among other things, support for LADSPA, Jack and ALSA.
Read more here.