Mutagene - Anticode v0.9.8 (Pc/Free)

Anticode is a FREE filter plugin.

# Skinable with skins loaded from XML file, fairly configurable
# Configuration specified in XML file along with skin path
# Loads old presets, but saves in new (forward-compatible?) XML-based format (so basically everything went XML with this version)
# Midi CC map can be saved/to from configuration file
# Minor graphic changes, optimizations

From the homepage:
Same basic idea as mWarped Linear Prediction Filter, but this time the filter can have a higher order, the residual signal after whitening can be shifted faster or slower, saturated or decimated. Furthermore, most parameters can be made targets of two LFOs and the envelope follower, in addition to which the output is fed back through a delay line and analyzed along with the input. There is no variable quantization of the residual in Anticode, though, because I didn't feel it really justified itself -- decimate is more interesting anyway. A noise source may be added at a later time, though.

It's a bit tidier (at least internally), and it has a lot more features than mwlpcfilter, but whether it's the better plugin... well, I think so, but who knows?