MUTOOLS - LUNA Free / LUNA Unlimited pre-release 5 (Pc/Mac/Universal/Pro/Free)

LUNA PR5 released.

LUNA PR5 features a vastly improved workflow thanks to the new Rack System.

All kinds of plugins (both audio and midi) can easily be inter-connected, and used to full extent.

And on top of this, many other detailed improvements have enriched LUNA's feature set.

While LUNA is even easier to use than ever before.

LUNA is a state of the art, ultra-light music application, designed to compose & perform music of different styles and flavors.

LUNA does not have a complex feature set, in which you can get lost.

At the contrary, LUNA is an easy yet rock-solid musical tool.

It's our intention to extent LUNA's functionalities in the future, but without compromising on easiness or quality.

LUNA's core feature set:

* Audio Recording & Playback
* MIDI Recording & Playback
* Composition & Sequence Editing
* Audio and MIDI VST Plugins
* Powerful Audio and MIDI Routing
* Audio Engine using 32 bit floats, all usable samplerates
* Sample Accurate Sequencing
* Multi Undo/Redo
* Available for OSX as a Universal Binary
* Available for Windows (ASIO)

LUNA comes in 2 flavors: LUNA Free and LUNA Unlimited.

LUNA Free is a light version of LUNA Unlimited and is free to everyone. LUNA Unlimited at the other hand supports an unlimited number of VSTis and Mixer Strips. Read more.