Neuenberger - TigerDelay (Pc/Free)

This is a FREE delay plugin for Windows.

From the homepage:
Do you need good delay effects in your production? A Delay that supports filtering and ducking, that is synchronized with your musical tempo? A Delay, flexible to bend the input as much as it is needed for your production? TigerDelay, with nice sound results, yet easy to use, is the solution.

Since Ducking Delay is one of the most needed effects and I was reading in one forum that an effect like this is needed, here is the simple solution. Furthermore it allows filtering with a resonant filter so that the sound can be bended as much as you like. The filter supports even self-resonance.

Actually this is the first release, it was built using experience in JellyVST as well.

Technical details:

The Signal is filtered with a flexible and resonant 24dB lowpass filter, then delayed and fed back. With the additional Ducking the dry/wet is regulated so that either the dry or the delayed signal is returned as result, based on wether there is an input signal or not.


Tempo (either in ms, or as notevalue (1/4, 1/8 dotted, 1/16 Triplet etc)

Sync/Async to beat






Currently supported Operating System is only Windows 32. The software has been tested with Windows XP service Pack 2 and Cubase (R) SE 1.0.7


24dB LowPass with resonance
Since a picture says more than 1000 words, I put a screenshot here for the time being.


  1. TigerDelay has been updated to version 1.2. It now has the function reverse delay and can for example add mystique to a voice.

    Reverse Delay usually is only available in high-class effect gear (e.g. Lexicon, havent seen it in a plugin yet)


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