NOVAkILL - EGOkILLERversion2 (Pc/Free)

EGOkILLERversion2 is a new FREE VST Synth from NOVAkILL. Created with SynthEdit.

EGOkILLERversion2 is the first of the Version 2 synths. Like the original it is based on a single Phase Distortion Oscillator. The new version features a dual High Pass - Low Pass filter set-up with resonance, as well as graphical envelopes for both modulation and VCA. The LFO is new and extra flexibility has been added to modulation routings. It also includes really fat Unison and an enhanced overdrive.

NOVAkILL provide this fairly useful VSTi for free. All we ask is that you visit our website now and then to see what we are up to and, if you like our music, you buy our CD.

EGOkILLERversion2 is a polyphonic synth made with SynthEdit. Its main features are:

Phase Distorion Oscillator with dedicated modulation routing

Polyphonic Unison

Dual-Filter with High-Pass and Low-Pass filters connected in series

Graphical ADSR Envelopes

Custom tempo-synced LFO featuring 16 shapes and frequency up to 16 bars

Overdrive effect

MIDI automation