NOVAkILL - GODkILLERversion2 (Pc/Free)

NOVAkill have some excellent free VST synths. Try them.

GODkILLERversion2 is a versatile V/A synth, laid out in a similar manner to EGOkILLERversion2. It improves on teh original with two oscillators with sync and Hard Sync. The mixable Low-pass and Band Reject Filters are carried over from the original. It also has two graphical ADSR envelopes and a comprehensive LFO featuring 16 different waveforms. Overdrive and LFO destinations can be controlled by a Modulation Wheel on a MIDI keyboard controller.

NOVAkILL provide this fairly useful VSTi for free. All we ask is that you visit our website now and then to see what we are up to and, if you like our music, you buy our CD.

GODkILLERversion2 is a polyphonic synth made with SynthEdit. Its main features are:

2 Standard SE Oscillators, each with 7 different waveforms

Polyphonic Unison

Mixable Low-Pass [12dB or 24dB/octave switchable] and band Reject filters

Graphical ADSR Envelopes

Custom tempo-synced LFO featuring 16 shapes and frequency up to 16 bars

Overdrive effect

MIDI automation