NOVUZEIT - Iridesynth's Revenge (Pc)

Iridesynth's Revenge
From the homepage:
The phoenix has arisen, and seeks vengeance!


In February of 2006, the original Iridesynth was released. Yet alas, its popularity was not to be. Scoffed by the masses for its simplistic interface and abstract sounds, the first Iridesynth was all but forgotten as soon as it was born. But now, nearly a year later, Iridesynth has come back with bloodlust in its eyes...

Indeed, Iridesynth has come back for Revenge!


Iridesynth's Revenge eschews the subtractive synthesis of its former self, and now implores Phase Distortion Synthesis for rip roaring leads, rough'n'raw textures, and freaky metallic pads. Iridesynth's Revenge offers TWO internal Phase Distortion oscillators, both with dual-selectable waveforms, for a total of four separate or summed tones... simultaneously or individually. A series of waveshapers and tonal quantizers allows for more tonal Phase Distortion possibilities then you've ever heard before in any other PD synth, guaranteed.


Gone is the Pulse Division ARP of the old Iridesynth. Iridesynth's Revenge has replaced that archaic thing with not one, but TWO different forms of arpeggiation! The LFO NOTE-ARP allows for classic arpeggiation types, but includes an LFO driven notation sequence ability. This allows unheard of phrasing and cycling for your arpeggiated chord sequences. The LFO GLIDE-ARP creates sliding portamento and incredible glissando alterations by introducing a multi LFO system to the pitch notation of your chord sequence.


How many LFOs do most synths offer? Two, maybe three? Well, howabout Iridesynth's Revenge? Try about 33. Why so many LFOs? Extreme automation! Nearly every paramater in Iridesynth's Revenge has its own LFO. Want to automate the ADSR individually? No problem. Want to automate the arpeggiators? Sure thing. Automated color cycling? No sweat. Automated comb filter for frequency sweeping, automated flanger fluctuation, automated phase distortion cycling? Indeed, indeed, and indeed. You haven't seen what LFOs can do in a synth until you've tried Iridesynth's Revenge!


Gone are the useless FX that were never used in the old Iridesynth. The new GLOBAL FX SECTION of Iridesynth's Revenge only includes FX you'll actually find useful. You've got a COMB FILTER, a BITCRUSHER, a FLANGER, a 4-POLE FILTER, a MICRO DELAY, a MACRO DELAY, and an AUTO-PAN. Best of all, every single parameter of the GLOBAL FX units have their own individual LFOs for unheard of self-automation ability.


Faster? You bet. Iridesynth's Revenge uses less than HALF the CPU power that the original Iridesynth required. Not only that, but the aggravating notation latency of the old Iridesynth is now a faint and fading memory. Harder? Sure thing. These primed and pimped Phase Distortion oscillators annihilate the stale sound of the old Iridesynth's subtractive synthesis. Stronger? In every conceivable way. Just give the demo presets a go against the old Iridesynth's abilities, there's no comparison. More parameters, better tool-tips, tons of LFOs, super sweet FX units, new features galore, you name it, Revenge is truly vengeance divine.

Iridesynth's Revenge is simply lightyears ahead of its former self.


The full version of Iridesynth's Revenge gets rid of the random silence,
includes over 100 presets*, and a huge fully documented user's manual.

Iridesynth's Revenge is currently only $19.95 USD.