reViSiT v0.89.5 alpha (Pc/Free)

reViSiT is a FREE Tracker based on Impulse Tracker II, a development of Scream Tracker III.


* reViSiT now uses TrueType fonts.
We'll have no more complaints about letters being too small, as you now choose your own font. Set yours using "Pattern Font" in Preferences(F12). A number of graphics performance optimisations accompany this change. reViSiT comes with its own font, aptly named "reViSiT".
Pattern Follow
Press Ctrl-F and the editing cursor will follow playback. The practical upshot of this is that you can now record note data in realtime - reViSiT will even enter the appropriate note delay (SDx) to give you frame-accurate recording (NOTE: you must enable the effect columns in the edit mask).
Pattern Preview
When the current pattern matches the current order (i.e. when you step through patterns by order, etc.), reViSiT will show you previews of the rows that come before and after the one being edited. Centralised cursor works best.
Pattern Overview
A new feature which displays a window showing a condensed schematic of the entire pattern, and marks both the editing 'viewport' and playback cursor. Use it to find specific patterns, or move about within them, more easily.
Many other improvements, changes and fixes
Audio, as well as graphics, performance should be improved. MIDI timing might also be more accurate in some situations, thanks to new MIDI scheduling.

Tracking is a method for computer music almost as mature and time-honoured as MIDI. Sometimes better, sometimes not so - always different.
Tracking has to date been the remit of dedicated underground [freeware] software called "Trackers", particular examples of which (eg. Fast Tracker, Impulse Tracker) have almost acrued cult-status with multi-million strong user-bases. The integration of the Tracker architecture (notably its User Interface*) in sequencer software, will bring the best of both worlds to the composer.

Sequenced and "tracked" music will be feasible within a single work. Composers can rely on the MIDI support and score facility of sequencers and/or turn to reViSiT for finer control of their music and audio.

The net result of a tracker, like all music applications, is audio. However, depsite the name, trackers should be likened to a software-sampler rather than a multi-track recorder. Inside a sequencer, reViSiT users will have full run of the hosts facilities in this department.

Though "tracked" music has often been combined with video, no freely-available software exists to this end. reViSiT will be able to use any such facilities in the host sequencer.

* The reViSiT interface is based on that of Impulse Tracker II, a development of Scream Tracker III.

VSTrack is the ultimate union of sequencing and tracking. reViSiT
is a VST Instrument (VSTi) plug-in for VST-hosts (such as
sequencers) that provides a tracker interface, based on Impulse
Tracker II, to the user.
Unlike normal VSTi's which simply take MIDI input, reViSiT's
editor window is a tracker interface, which takes on the role of
the 'music sequencer' - synthesizing both music and sound.