Rhythm & Soul Drum Sessions and British Rock Drum Sessions Studio ProFile Multitrack Groove Collections Released!

Classic music style grooves you can mix.

Anaheim, CA, January 18, 2007, Winter NAMM – Sonic Reality and Joytown Productions are proud to announce the imminent release of two Studio ProFile multitrack groove titles “Rhythm & Soul Drum Sessions” and “British Rock Drum Sessions”. These top of the line groove libraries offer the first ever 24 bit multi-track Rex2, Apple Loops and Acidized Wave drum loops that offer flexibility with the feel and tempo combined with full control of the individual direct, overhead and room mic channels. All of this is done while still retaining the relative time relationships from the difference in positions of the mics and is even consistent between the three formats for the ultimate flexibility and compatibility for use with any DAW or sampler.

In addition to multi-track grooves each title comes with sampled hits of the drum kits used in the session with the same multi-channel mixing control in samplers like Kontakt™ 2. Users can start with various grooves from the title and supplement them to fit their song by playing midi parts with the same drum kit for unlimited creativity while centered on the authentic style of the product.

Rhythm & Soul Drum Sessions concentrates on classic Soul grooves from the 60’s & 70’s from labels like Motown, Stax and Atlantic with artists such as Marvin Gaye, Tempations, James Brown, Supremes and more. Drum sessions were emulated even down to capturing the additional percussion, foot stomps, claps and snaps. Classic miking techniques were used to emulate that “Motown sound” with additional modern miking options as well for maximum production flexibility. It’s almost like having the multi-track masters in your hands.

British Rock Drum Sessions concentrates on classic rock grooves from British bands in the 60’s & 70’s like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. It features an authentic Ludwig Black Pearl “Ringo Kit” as well two other vintage drum kits including one that matches the specs of the kit John Bonham used. Special miking techniques were used to emulate the classic sounds of these drummers in the studio while also offering a choice of modern miking options as well for maximum production flexibility. Grooves are played with the authentic style and feel of these classic British rock bands offering rare access to emulations of the drum tracks from multi-track masters.

About Studio ProFile series: Access to the masters.

Sonic Reality and Joytown Productions’ Studio ProFile series focus on top drummers in the studio playing authentic style grooves. A variety of titles offer stereo and multi-track modern loop formats such as Rex2, Apple Loops and Acidized Wave as well as the multi-sampled drum kits from the session. The goal is to provide top name drummer sessions and studies on classic styles to offer both the feeling of being a producer with the budget and connections to hire the best players and also a simulation of having the multi-track masters of classic albums in your hands to use in your own music.