Tascam - GVI v3.53 (Pc)

Tascam has updated GVI (Giga Virtual Instrument), a good sampler instrument for PC.


* The cause of rare cases of GVI instability on dual core systems at high polyphonies has been fixed in 3.53.
* Previously, GVI could become unstable if switching GigaPulse encoded instrument presets while audio was being played. This has been fixed in 3.53.
* Patch changes in Steinberg hosts are now reflected in the GVI UI.
* In GVI 3.52 the Unload All and Unload Unused functions in the Loaded Instruments Viewer did not work. This has been fixed in 3.53.

TASCAM's GVI was created to attract, impact and engage any musician who wants the best for thier production. From idea to performance - the best sound quality. GVI's development team's first thought is always usability. We strive to make the process enjoyable and hassle-free.
At your fingertips

Loading instruments has never been easier. Point, click, load, and play, it's that simple 16 separate instruments or stack 16 instruments for that very unique sound, the choice is yours.

One look at our award-winning work and you'll see why music professionals come to rely on GVI for there audio-production needs. Read more about GVI here.