Venusian Snails - Tatapoum 4.0.2 (Pc/Free)

tatapoum is a VST drummachine made with SynthEdit.

Tatapoum 4 is a combined drum sampler and pattern sequencer. It can be used in three ways:
1) the Tatapoum Drum Sampler,
2) the Tatapoum Pattern Sequencer,
3) the Tatapoum Sampler and Sequencer together.

The Tatapoum Drum Sampler features 10 drums, each with:
solo, mute, load and preview controls,
pan, sample playback length, normal/reverse playback direction, full/fade playback envelope,
playback levels for high and low velocity, pitch control
velocity to pitch bend (warp) feature, with pitch bend, rate and velocity sensitivity controls
velocity to tone (filter) feature, with tone and velocity sensitivity controls,
velocity to sample start feature, with start positions for high and low velocity,
2 pairs of drums (2,3 and 7,8) with the 'link' feature,
in ( ) mode, the drums in the pair are independent,
in [ALT] mode, triggering either drum plays the 2 drums alternately,
in [RND] mode, triggering either drum plays one of the 2 drums at random,
2 pairs of drums (4,5 and 9,10) with the 'exclusive' feature, triggering one drum stops the other

The Tatapoum Pattern Sequencer features:
16 pads, add/remove triggers, set velocity, add/remove FX,
5 flexible effects (2 flam rolls + 2 feedback rolls + 1 reverse),
4 banks of 8 patterns = 32 patterns in all,
saveable and loadable pattern sets
pulse divide,
up to 16 steps in each pattern, and pattern chaining, for longer sequences
forward or reverse pattern play direction.