VirSyn - TERA v3.2 (Pc/Mac/Universal)

virsyn tera
Tera is a good modular synthesizer.

New in TERA 3.2.0


- Universal Binaries for Intel-based Macs.

- VST 2.4 compatibility.

- New voice allocation gives about 30 % performance improvement

- Sample key / loop range imported on sample load.


- Ableton Live 6: fixed crash on loading VST version.

- Cubase 4: Mouse pointer offset fixed.

- Pattern selection with MIDI notes works now in plugin versions too.

- MIDI out: Note offs sometimes not sent.

- FM switch on OSC1 .. OSC3: weird behaviour on preset load fixed.

- RTAS/ProTools: internal Sequencer/Arpeggiator working now.

- Sequencer: Highlighting current measure working now for all parts.

- Multisegment envelopes: some rare editing problems fixed.

- Sample engine: occasional crashes on stereo samples fixed.

- MAC only: some broken FM routings like self FM working now.

- MAC only: Tempo was not editable in standalone version.

- Arpeggiator works now also with the internal keyboard.

- Drag & Drop patterns in sequencer does no longer interrupt sequence play.

The update for miniTERA will follow in approx. 1 week.

TERA is a modular software synthesizer based on many different synthesis technologies including the revolutionary „Spectrum synthesis“ Read more.

Price: 299 euro