Ableton Live 6.0.6 Beta / Live 6.0.5 Release
Ableton Live is my music making tool of choice.

Changes from Live 6.0.5 to 6.0.6b1


Several text corrections


Fixed display problems with very wide windows on Mac. On a system with
two 30" monitors it wasn't possible to resize the window to the entire
width of both screens.

Changes from Live 6.0.3 to 6.0.5


Improved the 'Best' interpolation setting of the Sampler instrument.

On Windows XP, Live can now address 3GB of memory in,
if the /3GB flag is set according to:

Starting Live on Windows Vista would not longer disable AERO Glass.

Several multi sample import improvements
- Better handling of broken EXS files
- Sorting imported multi sample parts list before saving Preset
- Prevent buffer overflows on very long filenames/paths


Adding a particular Ableton effect on a multi core/processor
computer could lead to a crash.

Using Tap Tempo functionality on a multi core/processor computer
could lead to a crash.

Added a particular effect device while Live is running as MIDI clock
slave on a multi core/processor computer could lead to a crash.

Cropping a particular sample would lead to a crash.

Flip parameter of the Gate device would not be saved in presets.

Changing the value of Sampler's Morph filter could lead to a crash
on an Intel-Mac.

After installing or uninstalling a Live Pack from within
the preferences dialog, the lower half of the Live Packs
page would not longer visible.

There was a problem with Instant mapping reported in that thread:

After a rendering with Normalize enabled, the next rendering
with Normalized disabled would render silence.

When rendering a file with "Create Analysis File" enabled,
the create asd file would not contain the correct loop
and tempo setting.

Under certain circumstances, a click on the "Device Activator" button
of an Ableton effect or instrument could select the outer rack.

When mapping a parameter to a toggle button on a MIDI controller,
the parameter would not react to the button in if the
ValueScaling mode was active.

MIDI-Mapping Return tracks without mapping Arm-Buttons would not work.

Under certain circumstances Live could crash when deleting a track
with a VST or VSTi plug-in.

when playing back very short samples, changing the transpose value
of the Sampler instrument could lead to a crash.

Doing Cancel in missing file search could lead to a high cpu load
because an still running search operation.

The cross fade mode 'Transition' would leak audio at extreme Positions.

Under certain circumstances, deleting the Saturator effect device
could lead to a crash

"Live 6 upholds Ableton's tradition of responding to and respecting our vocal user base while maintaining our vision for the program," says Ableton CEO and co-founder Gerhard Behles. "The results are exciting—Live 6 is our most versatile and powerful version to date. We also spent significant development resources on workflow improvements to make sure Live continues to feel good as the functionality grows." Read more about Ableton Live here.