ArtsAcoustic Reverb 1.2.2

This is a professional reverb plugin.

the following has changed in this version:
- Mac: AudioUnits: fixed Bypass state.
- Mac: AudioUnits: now passes AU validation without warnings
- Mac: Some minor fixes
- PC: Some minor fixes

the ArtsAcoustic Reverb is a high quality reverb for everyday use in a professional studio. this plugin is (unlike the current trend) a highly advanced, but easy to use algorithmic reverb, so no convolution is involved.

why no convolution?
several issues made us believe that there is a need for algorithmic reverbs, such as having full control not only over a few, but all important parameters which are needed to design a room to perfect results.

so what was the aim?
next to the sound of a good reverb, wich was our highest priority of course, it is mostly very important to edit the room/reverb to suit into the given situation. even the smoothest reverb tail is not much of use if it doesn´t fit into the mix. every master has different requests, so the reverb has to give the user the possibility to always do a certain function in the mix.based on our experience this is not too often the case with reverb units whether it´s hard- or software, unless you want to spend a lot of money - of course exceptions tighten the rule. Read more about ArtsAcoustic Reverb here.