Atom Splitter Audio - Dune Delay 2.05

It includes the following changes:

* Dune Delay is now fully stereo
* Readout error on delay 2's feedback has been fixed
* Dune Delay now has tempo sync
* Gate Now has smoother
* Fixed preset reset bug in FL
* Tempo sync buttons now save with presets

Dune delay is not your normal delay as well as having a standard tempo sync delay you have the Dune Delay which allows you to shape the delay by having control over the bounce volume and spacing, Dune Delay also features a reverb, chorus filter and gate effects so you can use it for other things if you want. Theres also all the standard controls like bypass, mix, pan, volume and randomize buttons to make creating new delays fast and easy.

Feature List

* Control the delay volume and space
* SVF filter
* Tempo sync gate effect
* Built in reverb settings
* A second tempo sync delay
* A chorus effect
* Standard controls such as Dry/Wet mix, pan and volume controls
* Randomize for controls and Dune Delay Volume and Space
* Bypass/Power switches for all seperate sections to help save CPU
* Output display and status bar for control values
* New GUI design
* Future product updates

Price: $9.99