Crysonic - SINDO

This is a nice to have plugin.

From the homepage:
SINDO is a hybrid stereo image expander (widener) / Narrower offering extremely high level of mono compatibility with minimal side effects. Designed for efficiency SINDO comprises of crysonics' intuitive user interface. SINDO allows to broaden and 'sweeten' the spaciousness of the stereo image whilst retaining mono compatibility and not effecting the tonal character of the original sound. The fatiguing 'phasiness' found in other processors of this type has been avoided by offering a simple three dial process. Phase-compensated ' Shuffler ' is also included to enhance and improve the spaciousness of bass frequencies without introducing 'phasiness' .

SINDO™ main features

• Hybrid M / S Stereo image expander and narrower
• Classic ' Shuffler ' for bass Stereo enhacement
• Very Transparent and Mono-compatible
• Minimum ' Phasiness'
• Retaining the tonal character of original audio
• 8 custom presets
• Full automation for all parameters via the host
• Low CPU usage
• 64-bit internal precision
• 24bit/96Khz audio support
• Highly optimized custom DSP code
• Mastering, Mixing, restoration, audio post production and track sweetening.


• Transparently enhance the Spaciousness of any Audio with mono-compatibility
• Accurately target and re-adjust stereo level-ballance
• Widen existing stereo image without artifacts
• Enhance Bass Spaciousness of any Audio with mono-compatibility

Minimum system requirements and compatibility

· Windows XP/2000
· 256 MB Ram
· Pentium III 1000 MHz
· VST Supporting Host application

Most professional audio hosts offer VST support nowadays. If your audio application doesn't support VST but only DirectX, you still can use SINDO. All you need is a VST-DirectX wrapper software. Such software can host the SINDO plugin and it will behave like a DirectX plugin to applications that only support DX audio plugins.

SINDO has been tested to be stable and working in the following VST plugin hosts:

Due to the vast number of hosts available it is beyond our scope to test them all for compatibility, however we have done extensive testing with some of the most popular hosts in use today. We strongly encourage you to download our free demo versions and test them thoroughly with your setup until satisfied. Below is a shortlist of the host programs we have tested,

· Steinberg Cubase all versions
· Wavelab (V5 and upwards)
· Ableton Live
· Orion
· Tracktion
· EnergyXT
· Sonar (DirectX emulation of VST)
· Project5 (DirectX emulation of VST)
· Audiomulch
· Vaz modular
· FL Studio
· Logic Audio
· Nuendo
· Sony Sound forge (VST is natively supported in the new versions)

Price: Right now ONLY $26