DUY - DaD Tape (native)

From the homepage:
DaD Tape is a revolutionary approach to the simulation of analog tape sound for digital audio systems.

For TDM, it can be purchased as part of the Analog Bundle, which also includes DaD Valve for TDM. It is also included in the Global TDM Bundle along with Shape, Valve, Max, Wide and ReDSPider.

For RTAS, Audio Units, VST or MAS/MOTU based computers, "DUY DaD Tape native" can be bought individually or included in any of the multiple packages for native systems that contain it. Read more about the Native Bundles & Packages here.

Main features:

* Real analog tape sound, with its classic warmth, within the digital domain, and with characteristics and control impossible to achieve in conventional tape recorders.
* Modelling of the four most representative tape recorders on the market: an old vintage machine with valve circuitry, a transistor based machine of the late 60's, an operational-amplifierbased machine of the 70's and a machine of the latest generation.
* Simulation of the three most common noise reduction systems, plus a proprietary noiseless-tape mode.
* Switchable tape speed (7 1/2 ips - 15 ips - 30 ips) allows maximum control and even permits unusual combinations of tape recorders and speeds.
* User adjustable operating level.
* Independent input and output sliders and meters.
* Easy and intuitive user interface.


* It rounds off peak transients and adds warmth to electronic and acoustic instruments, either individually or by sections or sub-mixes.
* Especially suitable for percussive sounds.
* Mastering of complete mixes.
* Typical applications include music, film soundtracks, audio post-production, mastering, broadcast and multimedia.

Price: €299