Flux - Epure

Looks like this Equalizer could be quite useful.

From the homepage:
Epure logically complements the Flux:: audio processing line. This 5 bands equalizer takes up the philosophy of excellence which animates all the Flux:: products.

Epure uses a State-Space implementation to produce the best possible signal to noise ratio whatever the settings are. Usually digital equalizers damage this ratio by increasing the noise level for negative gain values. The algorithm of Epure ensures the best quality ever for digital equalizer. The user interface uses also the A/B morphing system for presets for ultra fast and precise operations.

For every section:

* Individual bypass.
* The filter type can be set to low cut, low shelving, peak, hi shelving, hi cut
* The gain be set from -24 dB to +24 dB
* The frequency range covers the whole bandwidth
* The Q factor can be adjusted from 0.1 to 10

Epure also features five unique functions to make equalization even more easy:
Copy A and Copy B duplicate the twenty settings of a slot to the other in one click
* X2 and /2 affect the gain value for every equalizer section
* Invert turns the positive gain values to negative ones and vice versa

Combined with our exclusive A /B morphing system, those five functions enable a global and efficient control of the equalization curve in a second.
Price: €470


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