Flux - Solera

This new Audio Compressor / Processor looks interesting.

From the homepage:
After the users of Pyramix audio stations praised Solera to the skies, it was time to offer the Flux:: products to all audio addicts. Flux:: is happy to announce the availability of Solera plug-in at VST and RTAS formats for both Mac and PC.

Solera comes from 10-years-long cogitation about compression, dynamic, loudness.

How to make a compressor, which can add loudness whilst keeping some airiness in the sound, which retains fast transients, subtle distinction and undertone ?

How to make a processor that can retrieve lost dynamic ? Or just to be able to add contrast, to increase low-level ambiance or to sharpen the sound etc… How can we imagine processing the dynamic without taking into account the sound Level ? How to compress the sound steadily without losing the “nuance” and pumping ? And so on.

Solera tries to answer all these questions.

Solera is the flagship of the Flux:: Dynamic Processor family. It is primarily designed for mastering and re-mastering applications. However, it can also be used as a regular dynamic processor for superior sonic quality and distortion free operations.

Every Flux:: Dynamic Processor plug-in uses some exclusive algorithms that endow it with an incredibly clear and natural sound.

More details

Solera implements 4 different detectors and envelop generators in parallel and simultaneously :
compressor, de-compressor, expander and de-expander which can all be independently switched
on or off and implement an activity display next to their controls.
For each you can set the threshold, the ratio and a knee.In addition,
here are some of the key features that make our plug-in the best available
for dynamic processing in the digital domain :

* An analog like metering. RMS values are more useful than dB-fs when setting a dynamic processor.

* The "Angel's Share" parameter takes into account the signal for intelligent relaxation of the compressor action.

* The "Hysteresis" parameter allows compressing and de-compressing, independently of the sound level and can be mixed with the standard compression scheme.

* The Auto Release features an unique algorithm that avoids typical pumping effect.

* A delay line can be inserted in the signal path to produce a null attack time.

* The A/B Compare and Morphing section enables ultra fast and precise operations.


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Price: €470