Forever For Now - Octave Shifter 1.4

Octave Shifter is a realtime pitch shifting effect.

The Octave Shifter Audio Unit has been updated to version 1.4. This new version brings a useful usability improvement in the form of technical parameters being hidden by default. Activate expert mode to manipulate processing settings.

From the homepage:
"With the success I had with my previous Audio Unit, the Reverse Sampler, I set out to create another one. This time I wanted to do a realtime pitch shifting effect with a range of plus or minus one whole octave. Initially I thought it would be the easiest to make an effect that could only shift exactly an octave up or down."

"I tried several variations to create a decent pitch shifting algorithm but I couldn't get anything to sound anywhere near a decent quality pitch shifter. I clearly recalled the availability of pitch shifting algorithms on the Internet and I set out to use one of the existing algorithms as a base for my Audio Unit."
Read more about Octave Shifter here.