g200kg - Vocov Vocoder v1.0 (Pc/Free)

This is a VSTi Vocoder.


* 1.00 20070223

o VOCOVCapture connections have CH. multiple instance of the vocov capture support upto 4
o carrier wave from capture supported
o modulator buff freeze supported
o bend range parameter supported

* 0.91 20070211

o fixed the issue of modulator filename is not properly displayed

* 0.9 20070211

o vocoding engine improved
o format shift parameter added

Vocov is a VSTi Vocoder.
Internal 2OSC synth can be used for carrier.
upto 4 .wav files or an another audio track signal can be used for modulator by VOCOVCapture.dll ( used as a VST Effect) . VOCOV will automatically connect to VOCOVCapture.

***** SSE CPU needed *****


* CARRIER Section
o 2OSC 8Voice Polyphonic
o 1LFO
o carrier from capture (upto 4 CHs selectable)
o Upto 4 .WAV File can be load
o modulator from VOCOVCapture (upto 4 CHs selectable)
o buffer freeze on note
o buffer size select
* VOCODER Section
o Gain: input gain
o Shift: formant shift
o Follow: modulator follow time
o Bands: freq resolution
* EQ Section
o 6 Bands EQ