LinPlug - Alpha 3

alpha 3
New major release with the following main improvements
- improved sound quality
- noise oscillator
- filter-FM
- adjustable and modulatable ringmodulator
- increased polyphony (now 32 voices)
- improved ECS (MIDI learn)
- now 3 LFO’s
- larger modulation matrix (now 7 slots)
- more than 150 new presets from some of the best sound designers

From the homepage:
Focussed on the essential modules of an analogue synthesizer Alpha 3 offers true hands on operation. Everything is where you would expect it, nothing is more complex as it needs to be. Nothing is less powerfull as it needs to be. Alpha 3 is the sum of all our experience in synthesizer manufacturing.

Just when you get tired about the many over-complex synthesizers of today, when you want to return to the roots, the beginning of all synthetic sound, the times when a Synthesizer could be fully programmed, then the Alpha 3 is the right synthesizer for you. Get the synth that you can control. Completely.

AU and VST plug-in instrument for Mac and PC
2 Oscillators with numerous waveforms
PWM (symmetry of all waveforms modulatable)
Switchable freerun for both oscillators
Extended Ringmodulation (modulatable Off-AM-RM)
Noise Oscillator
Spread (5 detuned oscillators per voice, adjustable)
Rich sounding multimode filter with saturation
dedicated filter ADSFR envelope
Amplifier section with dedicated ADSFR envelope
7 slot Modulation Matrix, 19 sources, 18 destinations
3 individual LFOs with tweakable attack time, speed
C051051051_2x12 (syncable), multiple shapes, switchable freerun
Portamento / Glide with various modes
adjustable Chorus, no other effects (intentionally)
Adjustable analogness
Global tuning and Microtonal support
Powerfull ECS (MIDI learn for almost all Controllers)
sample accurate processing, total recall
all controls automatable
direct access to all banks and presets
32 voice polyphonic (adjustable), true mono mode

Alpha 3 allows Frequency Modulation of the Filters Cutoff, a feature only found in very few Synthesizers. The source of the Filter FM can be any oscillator, even noise. Together with the Ringmodulator which can be gradually morphed from pure Oscillator 2 over Amplitude-Modulation to Ring-Modulation this is a guaratee for some of very finest and most excotic sounds a classic subtractive synth can produce.
Alpha 3 has two oscillators with each producing a continuously adjustable mix of 2 from 30 waveforms. Taking into account that both basic waveform can have a different pitch already allows for thousands of resulting waveforms. But dont worry, our concept of handling is dead easy, pick the waveforms and adjust the mix. Done.


AU or VST2.0 capable host software. Alpha itself requires about 8 Mb memory only (first instance, 2 Mb for all additional instances).
Screen resolution of 1024 x 768
PC: 400 MHz, 256 Mb, Windows 98 or newer
Mac: 400 MHz, 256 Mb, Mac OSX 10.2.6 or newer

The Alpha 3 is exclusively available directly from LinPlug. It comes with a comprehensive 32 page English PDF-manual and many sound banks (more than 900 carefully selected sounds from some of the best sound designers).

The license fee is 99 US$ / 79 Euro
The upgrade is 19 US$ / 19 Euro

There is also a FREE version avaialble - Free Alpha 3