MAGIX AM | Suite - Analogue Modelling Suite

Plug-Ins: am-track, am-pulse, am-phibia

AM | Suite -
Analogue Modelling Suite includes am-track analogue compressor, am-pulse transient designer and am-phibia pre-amp / channel strip.
First-class audio tools based on replicas of classic circuit designs.

The Analogue Modelling Suite provides you with first-class audio tools based on replicas of classic circuit designs. This includes a high quality analogue compressor (am-track) with optional simulation of a studio tape machine's saturation effect, a transient designer (am-pulse) for influencing the signal envelope of percussive audio material and a tube pre-amp/channel strip (am-phibia).

"am-track" is a combination of an analogue compressor and a tape simulator in one single device. It is primarily used for so-called "tracking", i.e. editing individual channel strips or subgroup signals. Compression can be executed either as modern or "vintage". With emulation of the tape machine sound, typical aspects of the large, saturated sound characteristics of the magnetic recording for the hard disk studio can be made reality at low costs and high quality.

"am-pulse" is a "transient modeler", a creative tool for editing envelope and sustain processes on percussive or dynamic signals. Furthermore, the signal can be subtly "analogued" or considerably distorted by modulating the subsequent tube saturation and treble exciter sections.

"am-phibia" is a tube amplifier/channel strip. It combines an optical compressor with a pre and post filter unit. As a result of the various different filter circuits, the device can be varied to a large extent and used as a vocal pre-amp, tube guitar amplifier or to create "warmer" sound characteristics according to the input signal and audio style. With this tool, the sky's the limit to your creativity.

The plug-ins of the Analogue Modelling Suite recognize the number of incoming signals and can function automatically in mono to reduce processor strain by preventing the sending of another signal for calculation. Price: $199