MAGIX - VariVerb Pro

VariVerb Pro -
VariVerb Pro stands for VARIable reVERB and is a high-quality reverb plug-in that runs on an algorithmic basis.

VariVerb Pro (short for: VARIable reVERB) is a high-quality reverb plug-in that runs on an algorithmic basis. It provides a series of rooms, halls, reverb plates, spring reverbs and so-called non-linear effects, which can be edited comprehensively and easily.

"Algorithmic" refers to the reverb impression not being created using impulse responses, as is often the case nowadays. Instead the calculation is based on mathematic models, like with classic reverb devices. With VariVerb these algorithms can be chosen via a "model" list, each specialized on a specific replica or a specific purpose and given its own set of parameters. On the other hand, technology based on convolution is only able to interpret a static copy of a process, it doesn't know the room.

In fact, realistic reverberation is associated with dynamic, non-linear, and highly interactive processes. Not only do these conditions make sure that the artificial reverb method is constantly updated, it also underlines the effect it has as a tool of artistic expression.

These high-quality plug-ins will help you add the final touch to your entire mix or individual tracks by enabling precise editing, and will enhance your audiotechnical virtuosity.

Numerous professional features as well as intuitive handling of each individual application make AM Suite, VE Suite and VariVerb Pro an interesting tool for novices and the professional music producer alike. Price: $199