MAGIX - VE | Suite - Vintage Effects Suite

VE | Suite -
Vintage Effects Suite includes CORVEX, ECOX and FILTOX.
Provides highly-effective sound editing with chorus / flanger, echo / delay and
multimode filter plug-in.


This suite enhances the repertoire of your sound editing program with a chorus/flanger, delay and filter plug-in. CORVEX, ECOX and FILTOX are each based on the same basic handling principle: as required, a modulator (LFO) controls almost all knobs accessible via the "frontplate".

This very easy, but highly effective principle enables an almost inexhaustible supply of forms for sound design from subtle to crazy distortion effects. For example, on normal guitar choruses: with CORVEX you can have the sound travel through the room by changing a few modulation settings, with ECOX you can reinvigorate old tape echoes, and with FILTOX you can add more power to weaker drum loops.

In the following we present the individual effects of this suite and describe what the three devices have in common in their features, using examples from CORVEX, especially in relation to the handling of the modulation section and the modulation targets.

These high-quality plug-ins will help you add the final touch to your entire mix or individual tracks by enabling precise editing, and will enhance your audiotechnical virtuosity.

Numerous professional features as well as intuitive handling of each individual application make AM Suite, VE Suite and VariVerb Pro an interesting tool for novices and the professional music producer alike. Price: $119