Music Unfolding - Collective 8

The Collective 8 Audio Units

F8-V2 and the New Mod8 and Res8
Three AUs - Each with 8 banks of amplitude sequences that can be drawn to any shape. The series is free to existing F8-V2 owners.


* Vibrato and pitch modulation
* Pitch-shifting and ring modulation
* Echo and reverb effects
* Intricate or wild effects to rich, textured reverb, echo, chorus type effects


* Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass Filters
* Independent LFO control of filter frequency
* Control of filter resonance and roll-off


* 8 independent filter effects
* Driven, multi-stage nonlinear filter
* Driven formant filters

$45.00 US for the Collective 8 3-Pack Requires OS X 10.4 or higher.