MUTOOLS - LUNA Pre-Release 6

Luna is a sequencer. There is a FREE version available.

Highlights of this new version:

* New: Recording Events into existing Part -> New options : Merge - New Part - Overwrite - Punch - Cancel
* New: Delete Unused Tracks in track context menu
* New: Choosing an Audio File for an Audio Part now pops up the Audio File Pool, with an option to browse for a new one
* New: You can delete individual Audio Files from the session
* New: You can delete individual Sequences from the session
* New: Normalize function for Audio Lab

* Tuned: Nicer Part Loox
* Tuned: Note Editor: right-click (osx: control-click) the piano keyboard pops up a context menu
* Tuned: Copy Parts/Notes = Control+drag; Copy+Duplicate Parts = Shift+Control+Drag; Monitor Notes = Alt+Arrow
* Tuned: Importing a MIDI file now gives a neat message
* Tuned: "Add New Track" in any track's context menu
* Tuned: Synths are also listed in groups (if you grouped them)
* Tuned: Optimized context menus: removed irrelevant options
* Tuned: Improved Target Lists <-> Taking the context into account
* Tuned: Composer doesn't show anymore Target in Parts, as that's visible in the Part Property Panel
* Tuned: Improved organisation in Target List
* Tuned: Default velocity for new notes in Key Editor = 110
* Tuned: Better icon for Racks
* Tuned: "List Rack Inputs" didn't take the sequence parts into account
* Tuned: Target context menu only shows "Bypass" if the plug can be bypassed
* Tuned: When zoomed out a lot, Time Bar now shows less numbers => is less cluttered
* Tuned: Composer: Zooming out vertically did not yet zoom out perfectly.
* Tuned: Editing curves in V2 Editor: Undo/Redo now gives proper description
* Tuned: When on "Save On Quit" the session is not effectively saved (for whatever reason), "Quit" is cancelled
* Tuned: More robust VST engine <-> improved protection against crashy vst plugins
* Tuned: Protected VST plugins from crashing on receiving parameter events that are out of their parameter range
* Tuned: Support for VST 2.4 plugins
* Tuned: When deleting / inserting a part, Part Property Panel is properly updated

* Fixed: OSX: File Browser: Desktop button now properly works
* Fixed: Renaming VST program from within VST interface did not update LUNA's interface
* Fixed: When changing a part's midi channel, now changes are immediately reflected in the midi input event stream
* Fixed: On Change Skin, now all background is also immediately updated
* Fixed: When a sequence is duplicated, its name is now properly duplicated too
* Fixed: Crash bug when deleting a rack that was used by an audio file
* Fixed: Crash bug when "Delete From Session" from within plugin editor
* Fixed: Crash bug when "Delete From Session" just after deleting a part using that plugin
* Fixed: Musical times were sometimes displayed as e.g. "1.3.1200" instead of "1.4.0000"

* And other fine tunings

* Improved Documentation

From the homepage:
LUNA is a state of the art, ultra-light music application, designed to compose & perform music of different styles and flavors.

LUNA does not have a complex feature set, in which you can get lost.

At the contrary, LUNA is an easy yet rock-solid musical tool.

It's our intention to extent LUNA's functionalities in the future, but without compromising on easiness or quality.

LUNA's core feature set:

* Audio Recording & Playback
* MIDI Recording & Playback
* Composition & Sequence Editing
* Audio and MIDI VST Plugins
* Powerful Audio and MIDI Routing
* Audio Engine using 32 bit floats, all usable samplerates
* Sample Accurate Sequencing
* Multi Undo/Redo
* Available for OSX as a Universal Binary
* Available for Windows (ASIO)

LUNA comes in 2 flavors: LUNA Free and LUNA Unlimited.

LUNA Free is a light version of LUNA Unlimited and is free to everyone. LUNA Unlimited at the other hand supports an unlimited number of VSTis and Mixer Strips. Read more.